Looking for a free wordpress theme

Actually, I will be building blog for that I am looking for blog theme. But, when I came across many website they promised for free theme but, ultimately ask for the payment.

Moreover, I have downloaded **PTDC Theme from purchasetheme** using the coupon code ILOVEPURCHASETHEME That I wan to intall to wordpress so, please guide how to install it.

Any help in the regards will be good.

  1. Log in to your CPANEL.

2.Look for the Wordpress option at the bottom and click on it

  1. On the next pane, click the install now button

4.Fill in the info as required here and and let the wizard install WordPress for you.

  1. Now you can log onto your log using your username and password as you have set it.

  2. From there you can decide to change theme using the add Theme Menu then choose to upload theme which is a zip file