Looking for a 4G Router with Powerful User Management Features. Any Recommendations?

Hello guys,

I’m looking for a 4G router with powerful user management features. I need to be able to do the following:

  1. Check connected devices
  2. Check the amount of bandwidth consumed by the device per session
  3. Be able to throttle speeds for every device

Should be budget friendly too. Approximately 10,000bob there.

Any recommendations?

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Never thought I’d help anyone with my research prior to installing FTTH. I was drooling over Huawei 4G Router 3 Pro last year. I don’t need to explain much about it, you can find details on Huawei website. If you need to purchase it, import it from AliExpress. Costs $118, but considering its features, it is worth it

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Thanks for that bro.

Actually, it’s in Kenya. It’s the one Safaricom and Telkom are selling to customers for 12,000/= bob.

It’s on my watch list now.

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Wazi! that’s cheaper than importing. I doubt you’ll find a better alternative TBH.

I suspect the Safaricon or Airtel ones could be locked…

Window shopped around. I can see unlocked ones going for the same price.

Still searching.

Any ideas of 4G+ Routers?

There are but the price. Daaaaamn! Like the TP-Link MR600. Locally available for 20,000bob :astonished::astonished::astonished:

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Look for a device that you can upgrade to openwrt which will give you control and you will have adblock inbuilt .

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That Device i believe is what he is looking recommendations for…

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I need some clarification.

Are all LTE Cat6 devices 4G+ by default?

I can see it needs carrier aggregation to achieve Cat6 speeds or above.

They should be because it is impossible to achieve theoretical speeds of that category (more than Cat 5) without combining multiple LTE bands (should exceed 20MHz and be up to 100MHz)

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Thanks for that. Now I know what to target.

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Apparently the TP-Link MR600 is a beast.

  1. You can force it to ping on different network bands and force 4G+ support. And you get to do this manually. So for guys like Airtel and Faiba that don’t actively have 4G+ but all their network bands are in the area, I can do that manually.

  2. You can set a hotspot for yourself, another one for guests, and another one that offers great parental control features.

  3. Monitor bandwidth consumption and throttle speeds as you wish.

Shida sasa ni bei. In India iko cheapest at 13,000/= bob. Everywhere else it costs 18,000bob and above.

Hebu share a link about this

Here it is. I know you have worked with Indians. You’ll understand the language anyway :joy::joy::joy:



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All current gen ZTE routers support the features u mentioned above u might also consider researching on ZTE routers

Any suggestions?

I can’t find any that support LTE Cat6 out of the box.

I would love to keep my options open.

I can see in Dubai it also costs 13,000bob. Let me scan the forums for affordable shipping companies.

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Update: Will engage these guys end month. They have great reviews.