Little SOS Service

Have you noticed the new Little SOS option on your ride screen while riding a Little?

If you do not see the SOS button on your App while on a Little Ride, please update your App or contact Little.

Now with a single tap of the SOS button in the Little app helps you to alert your distress and related concerns to Little safety response team serviced by KK Security in real time.

How does it work? When the Little SOS option is triggered, an automatic message which includes your current location with your ride information is sent to the KK Security response team to action.

Our safety response team will reach your location following your GPS in a matter of minutes to take control of the situation and ensure your safety.

Now with Little ride ensure your peace of mind all the time.

This will really help prevent criminals masquerading as taxi drivers. Does Uber have any such functionality?

what is Uber?

Urban? May be?

Am I missing something?

It’s a joke. Like, I stopped using Uber. I actually uninstalled it. I use Taxify/Little

Oh. For a moment there I thought that I had spelled the name wrong or something. So Uber is no longer the shiny new chick on the block that everybody wants to hit on? Who would have guessed? I had kinda suspected that it would suffer from Kenyan’s early-adopter syndrome.

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