Life Time Premium Netflix Accounts

Continuing the discussion from Amazon Prime Video versus Netflix versus Showmax:

I saw this and reply thought that I liked the proposal.How ever I am not confident enough to commit to using it. Because of this it would be great if I there is a person that has tried this and has any thing to share.

These are stolen accounts being sold, illegal in my view. Even for cheap $10 a month, you want shortcuts?


Errr no thanks, Kodi is serving me just fine for free

Also, ethics… :joy: says she to a bunch of hackers and torrenters…

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I would also question the source if the accounts…

those stolen accounts are dangerous to own,the guy should go legit and just pay the Ksh 1,100 needed monthly for a premium Netflix account.

You can get the subscription, binge watch the shows you want, cancel and subscribe again if you see a new show.

The fact that you get all episodes at the same time makes a month on Netflix very cost effective especially for new shows.

yep,i agree with Trey

I’m going to move these conversations here, I really wished we remained legit on that topic on comparing Amazon Prime, Netflix and Showmax without going to the extent of selling accounts and other sites that are not legit.

So I will paste the conversations previously on that topic here so that it goes on here, and delete them there. Good topic and I’m actually selling lifetime premium netflix accounts for 200 per account
Note that this a one time pay off fee and you’re free netflix user for life

Just write me a mail here
[email protected]

Lukirdem Definitely interested.

SamuelN As for me I don’t use kodi or any legal internet tv apps like netflix to watch movies or series. I prefer using websites like fmovies/9anime or 123movies. I find kodi addons to be a bit annoying-links not working, developer squabbles(addons being dropped often) etc. I only use paid addons for live tv-Actually just one paid addon.

aydensaruni Wait, 200 what? Ksh, Rand, Dollars?

That’s ksh200
‎We also offer other services
‎Hulu plus for ksh500 lifetime
Xfinity at ksh1000 lifetime
Spotify at ksh500 lifetime
HBO now at ksh800 lifetime

i agree with Martin Gicheru,i am also disturbed by this trend of selling stolen account credentials.Anyone is free to share links to websites and locations that serve this content(whether legit or not) but selling stolen accounts is not good…This guy should stop marketing stolen accounts on this forum and restrict himself to either sharing or commenting on websites