Life of a xiaomi user

Xiaomi phones have emerged as phones with great specs for a relatively affordable price
Well the specs look great on paper but there are numerous complains about their performance
For those who own Xiaomi phones how is your experience with them and can you recommend someone to get one!


Well, I bought Redmi Note 4 global(Snapdragon variant) about 3 weeks ago. I’d wanted the Mi A1 for the stock Android experience but wasn’t in stock. This thread also made me try Xiaomi.

Coming from Samsung Note 3, the camera on Xiaomi is so bad and the screen resolution not that good. Battery life is excellent, having 4,100mah, maximum I’ve done is 2.5 days, minimum 1.25 days. Let me point out that’s it’s not my voice line, mostly use it for social media and online activities. MIUI tends to kill so many apps. I use iphone as my main phone and Xiaomi really tried to copy iOS interface. My gadget supports Band 20 so 4G from Telkom is guaranteed.
I’ve read online that the phones get sluggish with time.

Note 3 to Xiaomi :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

The only thing you can get from these tier 2 Chinese Smartphone makers is battery. Well even the battery after 6 months of charging will be toast.

did you buy from avechi?

not really i have a one year old infinix note 3 that is charged almost every day and the battery life is still as good as it was a year ago

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Yes, I bought from Avechi. Turns out Aliexpress was selling at same price before taxes, opted to go source locally (Avechi).

How is your experience so far

I currently have the redmi 4x, so far so good, great battery life decent photos, quite a looker and acceptable screen, just two months old so can’t tell if I got a good one

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My Cheap daily driver China phone has a genuine Sony-made battery. I have been playing heavy 3D games for the past 4 months blowing through more than 200% battery every day but the battery life is exactly what it was when I bought the phone. Sometimes Chinese phone manufacturers actually produce what they advertise. All you need to do is find a reliable underestimated company and go nuts with their flagship phone.

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Anything with an operating system gets sluggish with time. Even Samsung S8 and other flagship phones. This sluggish behavior is not due to the hardware getting ‘tired’ but as a result of too much trash getting generated and nobody taking it out. I’d recommend using deep cleaning tools like SD Maid (it’s like Tune-up utilities for Android) and see the difference.


Hi. Been living with a Redmi 3X since last year. Had an S2 plus fro 3 years before that (I don’t change/lose phones often). First thing that attracted me to the phone was 4100mAh. I was SOLD. Also being a 5.0inch screen with a 720p screen and Snapdragon 430 SoC, meant the battery could well cover the phone’s power. Having moved from charging twice a day and leaving my phone charging overnight, this was a HUGE leap for me. Up to now, I can still go a full day with relatively heavy use (social media apps, constantly fiddling, occasional gaming) and even have some juice left over for the next day if I’m careful. With light use, it’s definitely a two-day phone. I no longer get charger anxiety, lol.

Getting used to MIUI (iPhone layout) from touchwiz took some time. No app drawer so your phone feels naked. Eventually, it does become second to nature. Easy to navigate UI. Only issue I have that will soon become recurring is the nasty habit of apps closing outta nowhere. Or rather some apps can’t run concurrently. Say I wanna do some light reading before sleeping and I activate a third party blue light filter app. When I open another app (e.g. app) the previous app closes, thereby temporarily blinding you. There are several examples of this and it can be absolutely infuriating.
Their PC Suite software is also glitchy and being a Chinese offering, I think they still have issues porting over everything to this side of the world properly. But I didn’t find myself using it as much. If anything, syncing items to their version of iCloud (they really are China’s Apple - minus the exclusivity) was rather seamless. The service does have a free user limit which is about 5GB. I found the service particularly useful when I decided to factory reset when attempting to end the crashing issue (which sorted it out for a while). Restored pretty much everything I wasn’t expecting.

The camera’s decent, esp the front one. Wasn’t expecting it to be that okay. Then again I’m comparing it to a rather old phone. It also feels good in my hand. Easy to navigate with one hand owing to the 5.0inch screen size. Fingerprint reader is always fast and is so bloody convenient. Can’t imagine living without it.

Tl;dr - Great battery life, MIUI is hit/miss, would definitely recommend.

MIUI is not the most stable OS particularly because of apps crashing. Multi tasking can also be a problem but it can be solved with root and tweaking some Java VM and Low Memory Killer properties.

Why don’t you use MIUI inbuilt blue light filter?

Thanks for this. I assumed reading mode was something else. I’m getting to learn MIUI. I’m used to iPhone that’s got night mode and comes on automatically after sunset and goes off at sunrise.

Welcome to Android. It’s a jungle compared to iOS but the payoff is very rewarding. With some effort you will be able to make your phone do great things and without the restrictions that are so tight on the iPhone.

You can turn on automatic reading mode, you set the time you want it on and when you want it off and things get switched up automatically

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Anyone bought the Mi A1? I wanna purchase it

It is always out of stock. How? IDK.

It was probably never there in the first place.

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@fwosi, you can’t go wrong with the A1. With those specs and running Vanilla Android it’s a great pick. Check online for some reviews, they’re already out. I personally like the look of MIUI but dislike its stability issues and limitations that are a pain to get around. You can buy the Mi 5x which is the same phone but running MIUI. The A1 runs stock Android to get quick OS updates the moment Google releases them.

The Xiaomi Mi A1 is actually a rebranded Mi 5x and it’s in stock in most reseller websites where I shop (in China).

The A1 is about 20 USD more expensive than the 5x though. Maybe it’s because it’s an Android One device and is guaranteed to get the newest operating system from Google for the next two years.

It doesn’t dim it enough. I use both to really get a dim screen.

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