LG Bows out of the smartphone business

LG as a smartphone company will soon be in the rearview mirror. Many will say they saw it coming. Great hardware, terrible software. If you ask me they should have concentrated on Android One software like Nokia. Their struggle to make devices for the mid to low end competitively was their undoing, even with daring ventures at the top.

What was your most stand-out LG device over the years, what was most ridiculous?

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I really liked the G4 but that device had way too many bugs and bootlooping issues. I also wish LG made Android One devices, it would have easily beaten everyone with such software. Sometimes companies think being different means better, but as Amar Bose once said, “Better = different, but Different ≠ Better.”

I loved the LG G5 for its modularity and removable battery, at some point I thought of get it when it was available locally but got discouraged coz of many negative reviews concerning the software and other tiny stuff that mattered remember the G5 was the first and only smartphone with Dolby vision I admired the G5 and damn R. I. P LG smartphones u dared where many didn’t with lots of innovation that define modern smartphones

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