Let's Talk Super WiFi (TV White Space). Does it have a future?

Super WiFi is a new form of wireless technology that has been in works for nearly a decade now (Intensive work that is). In this case, US’s FCC contracted the likes of Google, Microsoft and other big players in ICT to device a way that Super WiFi can be used to provide internet connectivity.

But why Super WiFi?

  • Well, it uses traditional low spectrum TV frequencies making the technology cheaper to use and maintain than any other commercial wireless technologies right now.

  • You need a single booster to distribute internet coverage to over a radius of 10 to 30KMS. Booster ikiwa tao watu wa Kiambu wanapata mtandao :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

  • This thing can penetrate walls and go over obstacles like hills and mountains like they don’t exist. I mean we have an Analogue Royal TV made in South Korea that dad bought in 1986. Goodness!!! That TV had the capability of capturing a few DSTV channels. So you can imagine how Super WiFi on those frequencies will do.

  • Expect 4G like, internet speeds

But there is a problem.

  • Due to the strength of Super WiFi, the technology is yet to be commercialized because of heavy interference on other wireless technologies. Super WiFi has the capability of literary interfering with any wireless frequencies out there including that wireless microphone in Church or Crusade. I guess this is why the FCC called out the big players out there to device a workaround this fault.

What do you think? It’s time for our mobile service provides to think towards WiFi as opposed to enticing people to switch networks.

Sounds like something we’ll see in like 20 years. Are there any tests that have been done?

Yes. That is what they have been doing for the past 10 years. The main obstacle they are facing centers on the need to reduce the interference to other wireless devices.

For WiFi to work, your device needs to communicate back and forth with the “Antenna/Booster.” Can a mobile device talk to a mast 30KMs away?

It’s not being called “Super Wi-Fi” for nothing bro. So the name suggests its strengths and capabilities. They just named it Super Wi-Fi but the actual name is TV White Space.

Around 3-4 years back Microsoft was doing tests in Nanyuki and even the CEO Satya Nadella came to check it out when he was launching Windows 10. They had connected a number of schools and cyber cafés. Don’t know if it’s still working

Interesting. Very interesting.

Background reads for those who want to be caught up

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