Let's talk about this Safaricom 4G Plus

I just saw Airtel did a network upgrade back in 2015. They claimed after the upgrade, the network was 4G capable.

During the month of May 2015, our technical teams will work round the clock to perform the network swaps to see Airtel customers enjoy stronger signals and improved data experience. Our network will also be 4G ready after this process is completed.


I could not find the discovery app but I downloaded LTE Cell Info and did the check.

See more info in the below screen shots;

I will put my Telkom line in my phone and do the same test.


Mahboobs-iPhone :smirk:

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You can also name your “Trey’s Tecno” :grinning:


More speed used to be more strain on batteries but not anymore. The most important factor affecting your battery life on 4G or even 3G is signal strength. A strong signal means your phone uses less power to transfer data hence less power consumption and vice-versa. Don’t worry though, if you were OK with 4G you’ll probably also be with 4G+ if Safcom upgrades the booster you use most to 4G+

What is displayed on the status bar doesn’t depend on your carrier - - it depends on what the phone (OS) maker decided should show. I can choose what the status bar shows on my phone with a few tweaks.

@Peter_Ngure yes that true… On my Redmi Note 3 PRO I can change my network name

Congrats if you can do that - - you’re no amateur. I see so many people struggle with smartphones na venye kila mtu ako nazo. Too bad they can’t be helped over the interwebs.

Does a phone need all these band to make 4G+ work or is just some of them listed in this tweet fine?

Everyone has a smartphone simply because everyone has a smartphone!

But not everyone who has a smartphone knows how to use it (fully).


It depends with the available bands. Safaricom is currently only using the 1800 and the 800.If they want more bandwidth they can buy more spectrum in other bands. The bands that you should make sure that your phone supports are the 700,800,900,1800 and 2600. The 2300 and 3500 are an added bonus. Now your phone should also be able to take advantage of the “bigger lanes” created through aggregating the bandwidth(the MHz) on these bands-check the device LTE category(CAT 3 to CAT 16-minimum should be CAT 4).

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@SamuelN , so if a phone doesn’t have a band such as 700, will it mean that 4G won’t work?

Yes, if the network is based on the 700MHz. Your initial question was on 4G+:For this, your device needs to do two things (1) Support the bands that are being aggregated. So if Safaricom is aggregating let’s say the 700,800 and 1800, your device needs to support the 3 bands (2) Be able to take advantage of the aggregation(this is where device LTE categories come in). Your device is able to announce or signal to the network its capabilities(Is it a CAT 3 or CAT 4 or CAT 16 etc).So if you have a CAT 6 device but your network can deliver CAT 16 throughputs, your device is limited to CAT 6 speeds.

@SamuelN Thanks! Very appreciated :+1:

You have FTTH in Ruai?

No. Estimates put us at Dec 2018 or Jan 2019. We barely have safcons fraudulent 4G (every networks fraudulent 4G, as no one has reached true 4G speeds of 100Mbps MINIMUM), The signal here drops as soon as it comes. Might stabilize a little later.

I hope you mean Dec 2017 and Jan 2018?

Nope, Dates are as I’d written them.

The boosters are capable of such speeds but you won’t see it on your phone anytime soon. It is virtually impossible for a Kenyan 4G network to provide speeds like what you expect because mobile internet is used by so many people that speed to a single user cannot go beyond a certain point. Remember that wireless internet is a shared resource hence it will eventually be too busy because almost three quarters of internet usage in Kenya happens on mobile devices.

That is bad