Let's talk about this Safaricom 4G Plus

I’m looking at this and wondering whether I’m the one who’s not in the know, how would all these frequencies matter to a Safaricom 4G user?

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Hehe, that guy @iam_bett is a social media marketer, so this might as well be just marketing gimmicks coz yenyewe the normal user just wants fast speeds and a stable connection

My point is, which frequencies do we actually use on Safaricom 4G+?

Also, this topic is open to anything Safaricom 4G+.

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Also curious about battery life…4g is already a hog so is it worse or the same with 4g+?

We can use this to test then post the results here for discussion.

Let’s have as many people in as many different locations with as many different phones test and see what happens.

Let’s use this over a period of a week and post results here:

Most likely Safaricom is aggregating the 1800 and the 800.

4G plus doubles the speed of 4G only availbe to a certain phone models and a 4G user will automatically be moved to the 4G plus network if the phone is compatibale and the person is at the already 4plus area codes.

Do all phones show the 4G+ signal at the status bar if they are capable?

Yes, as long as you are on a certain geographical location.

That’s why I’m wondering how relevant three of these frequencies are.

No they don’t. My phone just shows normal 4G but the speeds tell it’s more than just 4G

4G is not much of a battery hogger since it uses less energy to transmit and receive the same amount of data when compared to 3G/2G. I have done this test and proved that 4G does not consume much battery as it is perceived to be. Besides, 4G enables you to receive large amounts of data within a shorter duration helping to save the energy spent to obtain the same amount of data on 3G or 2G.

For example, when I bought my phone, I thought switching the phone to 2G only would result to great battery life and I tried it for a week and obtained around 8 hours of screen on-time on average. Switched to 4G and the screen on-time was either the same or even more. There are few times that the screen on-time has hit 10 hours on 4G something that I have never achieved on 2G or 3G.

I have also tried to check how Wi-Fi consumes battery and realized that Wi-Fi hardly consumes any battery. Over 24 hours locked on Wi-Fi and I end up charging my phone after two days. Wi-Fi battery consumption data hardly crosses 30mAh.

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They show if they are capable, same way they showed 3G & 3G+, HSPA & HSPA+ (now seen as H & H+ respectively)

This is also dependent on what the network chooses to push out. In Kenya you will primarily see 4G but abroad it’s both 4G/4G+ & LTE. Lumia users should see LTE on supported devices.

While more power efficient, initial implementation of 4G in Kenya was a battery nightmare no matter where you were. Had a Lumia 1520 & iPhone 6/6S/6S+ all LTE capable but they kept overheating and restarting. Battery life was 2 hours standard on all phones (this was in Late 2015)

Distance from the signal tower/signal strength where you are is a key factor. In the CBD, my phone on 4G (with location turned off) manages about 5 hours of continuous online use - FB, IG, Whatsapp. In Ruai, It managed 3 hours under the same conditions because I had 2 bars that kept dropping back to H+ (This was On Jan 1st 2017)

This is mostly true. You can get the advertised 5-7 hours battery life on your phone while using wifi. Then again, factors like signal type (a/b/g/n), frequency (2.4Ghz vs 5Ghz) and distance from the router/obstacles in between will matter.

I’ve managed 5 hours use time on FTTH in the last month, sitting 10 metres away from the standard router they give you.

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The guy also mentioned Optus-that’s a carrier, right? What does Optus have to do with Safaricom? Or what did he mean by Optus?

My phone will support 2100mhz and 1800mhz, but i dont think it can support 4G+ coz mine is category 4 LTE, which is 50mbps up and 150mbps down maximum whereas i believe 4G+ is category 6 and above, which is 300mbps and above download speeds. Since am not in any hurry to get myself another phone and 4G+ on Safaricom spells doom for my pocket, my other available option would be to buy a Telkom 4G+ router especially after @Lukirdem got 400mbps in a mat :scream:.
Sasa the problem comes in when i go upcountry coz i know theres no LTE signals there yet but am sure Safaricom will beat the others in getting 4G there, the way they did with 3G. They are most likely gonna use 700MHz and I still won’t be able to use it :unamused:

This 4G plus is just hype,there is no noticeable difference with 4G but i would understand why safaricom would be marketing it so aggressively.They want to distinguish themselves now that the other telcos are launching and availing their 4G offerings…its competition so we all see through it


I thought the 700Mhz band was licensed to Jamii Telecom. Safaricom were crying about it.


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If the Twitter post is anything to go by that is

That was corrected to refer to the 700 MHz frequency, but not after that title had been cast in stone on the share graph. It’s different when you click.

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Airtel will soon launch their 4G, now the only distinguishing points will be pricing, coverage and service quality, and just like phone screens after some point data speed won’t matter to MOST Kenyans, so 4G, 4G+ won’t matter

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