Lets talk about the Blaze Anniversary

Hey, did any of you guys get the blaze anniversary bundles from the new my safaricom app blaze version?

@Bree yes, i got their bundles

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Were you able to use them?

@Bree I was able to utilize them fully

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It would help if you had screenshots of the accompanying messages (the one confirming that you received the bundle, for those of us not on Safcon), and while using the bundles, some speedtest screenshots and some thoughts about your experience - device type, general location, content browsed, battery life before and after etc.


Apparently I am either too old or too young to use Blaze, yet I am already a subscriber. The Blaze app did not and still does not work for me.

That Anniversarry thing was not properly prepared for and I still insist that Safaricom owes its users an apology.

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I don’t use Blaze but when they launched the Anniversary thing, the app was not working for several hours. Tried it right now and it works just fine.

I remeber also when safaricom did their version it did not for sometimes then later everything was okay.

@TeriWanderi I wish I had done this earlier, unfortunately the bundles only lasted 24 hrs and are already lapsed. Sorry for the late reply.

Does safaricom kick out their blaze subscribers on their 26th birthdays when the get blaze age limit.

Great question…hahaha. Some of us were kicked out way earlier than our 26th birthdays.

Nope they dont, unless you unsubscribe yourself after your 26th birthday!! read the terms here blaze.co.ke

lol too old already?

Imagine… Tell your Safaricom friends that hatutazoeana hivyo.

Ahahahhhaha Save an account for your children.