Let's talk about how awesome eCitizen has been so far

I am always wary of government initiatives (*cough* huduma number *cough*) but eCitizen has been a pleasant experience so far and the customer care is good… which is a very strange thing to say.

  • The site actually looks decent and it is intuitive to use. I don’t feel like jumping of a bridge when I’m using it (Looking at your EazzyNet & iTax)
  • In 2016, my driving license records were not showing up when I was trying to renew my license. I called the customer care number and someone fixed it for me. The next day, I was able to renew it.
  • Renewing your driving license is a breeze. Pay, print the renewal slip and stick it to your driving license. (Should be even easier once the new driving licenses fully roll out)
  • Before eCitizen, I would not have bothered to register my business. I would have just kept using my name and my personal bank account for business transactions.
  • A wide variety of payment methods. It was nice to see EazzyPay and Pesalink (Currently limited to a few banks).
  • I am assuming it has also cut down on fraud and corruption.

As someone who absolutely hates dealing with overworked government employees working in hot & overcrowded offices, eCitizen has been amazing for me.

Before eCitizen, I had given up on renewing my driving license or registering a business. Now, I don’t mind doing it.

And if there is an issue, it is very easy to get in touch with someone that can assist.

Feel free to share your experiences (negative or positive)