Let's share our smartphone's home screen setups

@iateallthebrowniez Muzei live wallpapers only displays random paint artwork, paint art is just not my thing. The other option it gives is display random pics from my phone gallery, these are pics i’ve already seen. What i need is random pics of sceneries, wildlife, abstracts etc something that marvels the eye each day and Muzei just doesn’t do that for me.

@Peter_Ngure i know about Zedge i used it when they were only a site, way back before they even released an app. The thing is a don’t want to go through a gallery, find what i like, download and post it as my wallpaper/lockscreen then repeat the whole cycle all over again when i get bored with the selected pic. What i need is an app that does all of that on its own, randomly select pics and place them on my lockscreen everyday.

@sarunibm Now this is exactly what i was looking for. I will give its review after a week of testing

I’m using NOVA LAUNCHER with the MELLOW DARK UI Icon Pack(I previously had FLIGHT LITE & the current one is like 2 weeks old) then GOOGLE WALLPAPERS has got me covered when it comes to wallpapers. This is because i LOVE LOVE LOVE Customizations & i also like everything of mine arranged & in order. I’m loving this mmore than i’ve ever loved any other home screen of mine.

Not really, you can use Muzei extensions/add ons eg the Nat Geo or the Bing one so that the only images that Muzei displays are from those sources.

So annoying that android does not allow you to skip music from the locked screen, but luckily there are lock screens on the store, also noted
that the date icon on android now shows the actual day

Depends on which player you are using, i use the default sony xperia music player and it skips music just fine, i have also used jetaudio app and it also skips music on the lockscreen. On the earphone just quickly double tap the earphone call button and it skips to the next song effortlessly

Nova launcher with pixxo UI

Nova Launcher. Couple of folders, packed dock. I hardly dive into my drawer cuz most of apps that I use often are one or two clicks away. I’ve two home screens for simplicity, and the one which is not visible has a Gmail widget.
Plus it’s clean.

Another OGInsta+ user. Welcome to the family. :slight_smile:

I stopped using modded apps due to their slow updates

I’ve come to love Muzei more than Next lockscreen for these two reasons,

  1. The wallpapers it changes to daily give my phone that fresh new look everyday all thanks to the Muzei Bing Extension. The Next lockscreen does not always achieve this coz of reason no.2

  1. Next Lockscreen is slow when it comes to changing lockscreen pictures of the day. It so happens that Next Lockscreen also sources its lockscreen pictures from Bing so when Muzei promptly changes its wallpaper of the day, Next Lockscreen delays or can even stay with a Bing picture for at most two days without changing smh
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Redmi Note 3 Pro MIUI 8.5.3. Apps arranged with most used plus for easy right hand access

using nova launcher with no app drawer my theme is IOS 10 theme looking simple and very clean… Swiping up opens the app drawer

Home screen , nova launcher + darko icon pack

Lock screen

And here’s mine:

Stock Xiaomi MiUi 8. If you hate the look of MiUi, I don’t care :v::wink:

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@bhattkishan9 Hahaha… I also love the stock miui. Ueing it too

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I’m currently here

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That one has no respect for your contacts privacy

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hehe it’s actually not an issue those are calendar reminders there. I like AIO launcher coz it’s different, everything is just there on one page for quick access like on Windows mobile and different customization options. There’s also support for icons, customized rss feeds and widgets on the full version which i bought. Also like the previous launcher i had Evie, it’s lean, i can say even leaner coz I’ve not had any battery life issues in the 2 weeks ave been using it
I’m still exploring more but so far it’s the most practical and productive. Only issue i have with it though is that settings backup is only on the local drive there’s no backup to Gdrive
Check it out here

Nova + wallpaper

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