Let's share our smartphone's home screen setups

I’m a sucker for customization, number one reason I don’t do well on iOS. So as a precursor to a series that is coming soon on Techweez, I’d like to see how you guys customize your home screens and I’d really appreciate if you not only shared a screenshot but a brief explanation of the launcher you use and why you have such a set up.
Let’s go!


Here’s my set-up

I use Nova Launcher, because it’s flexible enough for my needs. I don’t like cluttered homescreens, simplicity and minimalism is my way.

The little fingerprint icon is a folder that houses my most used apps: Allo, Chrome, Feedly, Telegram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Calls, Messages, IG

Wallpapers…the darker the better.


I am running on Pixel launcher with Google Now widget,the widget shows interesting information based on my calendar/activities/interests on an as need basis,the G section does popout and enables me to do a quick search,Gmail,Android Messages and Chrome round out most important apps on my homescreen

S8+ on Stock UX (Samsung Experience UI)

I’m among the few here (maybe even the only one) who loves Samsung’s UX. Brilliant Vivid colors with soft icons work well as opposed to the cold sharp UX that is stock android (which to me is among the worst UX out there).

Keeping it stock for now till i find live wallpapers that do the infinity screen justice. The screen on this phone is GORGEOUS…!!! MY GOSH. Especially if you have the midnight Black edition, with AOD (Always On Display) and it’s infinity screen live wallpaper… GASP



Left Huawei P9 and Galaxy A5 '16 right. Recently I’ve found myself having preference for a simple homescreen, just one. [quote=“TeriWanderi, post:5, topic:1407”]
maybe even the only one

Definitely not the only one. I like the Samsung UX, I can’t with Huawei and had to look for launchers in the store.

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Nova Launcher.

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ASUS launcher with minimal widgets and Icons. The launcher has excellent customization options with zero redundancy. It also has a built-in in app locker (I like apps that kill many birds with one stone.) You can also hide apps from appearing anywhere. It also has a bunch of useful gestures.

Thus is my main homescreen page. Notice how the shortcuts are arranged in a strange pattern? It’s because I like to be able to reach any icon with my thumb to make one-handed operation easier. Widgets can be a bit further away because I rarely click on them.

Calendar widget is a must for me and also a battery status widget courtesy of GSam Battery Monitor. I am an avid gamer and like to know my battery level and, most importantly, temperature. It’s also the one displaying battery level on the status bar - - I disabled stock battery indicator (that’s usually on the right) to create space.

I use the Atom Launcher on android
Installed apps as they appear on the home screen,
-weather & clock widget
-REAL DATE WIDGET if you check stock date icon does not show real date.
-Google sheets
-Google pocket
For the icons I have Lines freeicon pack
Black background

I have been using Nova launcher for about one year. It is simple and easy to use. Last week I decided to change It up a bit and now I use the Nougat launcher which soo far is ok.
I am using Lenovo A2010

Am a real sucker for customization. I mean… .crazy. I love next launcher. I keep changing theme colours. And also circle launcher for my short cuts. The wallpaper is Bible wallpaper see screenshots.

Are you left handed?

Nova launcher and Google wallpapers

Windows 10 Mobile, no launchers but somewhat customizable, I do what i can hehe

One thing i love about the UI is the Bing lockscreen wallpaper which changes everyday. I saw the same thing in Android with Arrow launcher … or was it Next lock screen? Am not sure


Hmmm interesting personalizations, for some reason i’ve never liked launchers. I like my phone plain with the different stock xperia wallpapers.

At the moment i’m feeling green, after a couple of months when i get bored with green i may change to purple, or maybe blue i dont know it depends with the season. But i’m increasingly getting interested in the everyday changing lockscreen wallpaper pictures (like how windows 10 does everyday on my laptop) Can anyone suggest any awesome android app that can do this on my phone. Na ISIKUWE LAUNCHER.

Check out Muzei live wallpapers.

Zedge is another great app. It features not only wallpapers but also ring tones and notification tones.

Your set up is impressive for someone in Windows Mobile

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Next Lockscreen does that