Lets Revolutionize Wifi Internet Access Sharing locally With Instabridge app for android/iOS...Share your thoughts and experiences

So i have been a member of this interesting open global wifi sharing community for a while now,its called instabridge https://instabridge.com/en/ ,Its an innovative global platform where community members sign up and add their own wifi hotspots or open internet wifi hotspots they have access to i.e cafes,malls,restaurants,schools e.t.c…members dont need to share passwords,they just need to grant access to fellow members who request access to that internet wifi hotspot if they are in the vicinity of any hotspot added to the community…the app has an interactive map and ranks members based on hotspots added and shared.Members who have added the respective hotspots have the ability to grant,remove or revoke access to any community member to that hotspot,the member can also make the hotspot publicly available to the community for use without any restriction…like a public wifi,It the perfect app for sharing your crib’s wifi with friends and family without sharing your networks password,the app can autoconnect you and can show you how fast that wifi hotspot is based on previous speedtests done on it…its simple seamless and works for both iOS and Android…Download it today,sign up and see what wifi networks around you are available at your disposal to tap into.Any existing community members,kindly share your thoughts and/or experiences here,and dont forget to check out their website for more information…lets revolutionize wifi sharing in kenya…

Which came first? Instabridge or Microsoft’s Wifi-Sense on Windows (PC and Smartphone)? They seem to work the same way, but like many Microsoft extras, people rarely use it.

Instabridge has been there for a while,microsoft sense does not have a global community and the cross platform capabilities that instabridge has

I thought Microsoft was killing off Wifi Sense? These wifi sharing apps are a privacy nightmare for both users and network owners.

The feature set introduced in 802.11u enabling “roaming” on wifi is a much better solution.