Let's jump on Ethereum,while we still have time

Maze now that bitcoin is beyond most of us,si tudandie tu hii Ethereum and go with it…let’s not regret now

You know you can buy 0.01 bitcoins?

It doesn’t have to be >1.

Hahaha. Ebu buy and then give us a review of how things go in like a month.

I don’t see any of these crypto currencies ever beating bitcoin. I still can’t believe bitcoin is more expensive than gold and I knew it when it was about $300. If only I had bought just ten of them ningekuwa nafikiria kubuy gari from the profit if I sold them now. If only wishes were horses :rage:

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Let us hope the market crashes.

By design it cannot crash. If anything, it can only go up because in a few years, bitcoins will be so scarce. That’s music to the ears of speculators who are snatching up so many that we commoners won’t stand a chance. I read somewhere that some huge American banks are buying bitcoins to keep as reserves. They know how badly crypto currencies can affect their business models and have decided to get a lifeline while they still can. It’s like how CBK buys a lot of dollars to protect the Shilling from volatility.

Where can I buy these cryptocurrencies? Something close to Coinbase where I can buy and keep any virtual currency of choice?

Checkout localbitcoin.com, there are a number of Bitcoin merchants in Kenya who can facilitate your transactions., though can’t guarantee their authenticity, only personally know one who’s legit and whom I’ve bought Bitcoin from.

Btw someone on Twitter mentioned about a mining pool in Kenya. For those who are not familiar with the term, a mining pool is simply like a group of people who bring their cash together so that they can mine cryptocurrency. I haven’t made a follow up on the same especially to find out how legit it is but when I do I’ll be sure to give the info. The guy said they mine Bitcoin, so maybe there is still hope for those who wanna make some cash from Bitcoin :smiley:

You can mine on your own. You just need a powerful PC. It is not as lucrative as it was but you can still earn some cash.

You can check if your rig is profitable -> https://new.nicehash.com/profitability-calculator

NOTE: KPLC charges 20 - 21 bob per kWh.

Is there a minimum internet connection speed needed , been thinking of buying a mining rig

The higher the hash-rate of your rig, the more bandwidth it will require (as you will get through work units faster - downloading new ones and feeding back more frequently)

I’d also recommend mining a different cryptocurrency and opt for payment in Bitcoin.

Good luck finding a legit mining rig. Most dedicated mining rigs are sold out and GPUs are overpriced due to shortage.

While we are here, someone already made $200m

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Eeeehhh… So how do we invest?

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Am just wondering who followed up on this conversation back then and “invested” in ether :grin::grin::grin: You guys should be very rich by now :relieved: … However, I know very few bought it…if at all there is any. Anyways, am not here for advice on what crypto to buy, am here to ask; with almost 2000 cryptocurrency coins in the market, do they have any use at all or is just a pump-and-dump kind of trading? (please don’t tell me about the blockchain technology, I know it’s promising :relieved: )


I wanted to buy one after finishing form 4 (2011) zikiwa around 300 alafu nikashindwa kufungua PayPal account. I still actually have failed in all attempts to open one.

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how are you unable to open a PayPal account? :thinking:

I stop at the point they request I contact my bank

After trying to link your card…? I dont remember how I opened mine but if you are trying to connect a card (especially co-op, ndio najua), you have to ask them to activate your card for online banking. kama ni equity its direct, already enabled.

Paypal will deduct(they’ll refund it later) a small amount to verify the card. You then have to enter some piece of info(i think a code) from that transaction. You’ll need to check your bank statement.


ni KCB guess nitawavisit hii week nifungue

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