Let the Bandwidth Wars Begin

For some reason this made me laugh my lungs out. What did you really want to say?

Right now people are filling avaaz.org forms to try get Zuku to treat it’s customers better.

Zuku have become the Comcast of Kenya :frowning: It’s because of such providers that safaricon is such a monotony #CantHaveNiceThings

I do not work for or promote Zuku, I hate them, but …

Being a customer for 6 plus years, their service has worked 85% of the time, to me that’s something I can live with. Downtimes happen, things break, add Kenya Power to the mix, get my point. There’s no where you’ll get 100% quality service.

What doesn’t work is their representatives on phone. Those buggers will LIE to you without thinking twice, and I always call them out on it when they do it to me.

They had me on hold on a call for over an hour (They do this to make you hang up or waste your airtime so you hang up if you aren’t buying their cow dung)

Some other complaints I see on Twitter, Users need a bit of education and I don’t know whose responsibility it is to teach.

Answer - I believe you are VERY far from your WiFi router and you need to boost your signal

Answer - Heavy downloads on your line.


Will competition improve service? No idea.

If only Safaricom offered TV service, no one would bat an eye at Zuku.

If I get that Safaricom fiber kuna vile I won’t pay for TV when iptv services are in plenty.

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Safcom dont need to launch a TV or phone service,they just need to work on their current offering…increase bandwidth and enhance it.

Is that really a thing for those who already have good Internet speeds? VOD wins it. And FTA set top boxes fill that gap for local shows.


Which you can also stream through the internet too.

Totally unnecessary. YouTube, Dedicated VOD, Facebook Video. Everything else is unnecessary. If CAK was serious, by 2020 there would be no t.v. channels operating in Kenya.


Digital Migration to DVBT2 was a great first step,but demographic changes over the next 10/20 years means more and more people will be consuming VOD and other programming over the internet.

@martingicheru @TeriWanderi

This is the thing, apart from NTV, KTN and other local channels. I don’t think many people know about accessing other TV channels online. Netflix etc. requires a subscription cost which is seen as an extra cost by many people. In that case, Zuku is seen to be cheaper and a better option by many people and so many people would switch from Zuku to Safaricom if they offered TV services.

I agree, if the VOD platforms are to gain mileage they need to keep drumming that message that the choice and flexibility trumps terrestrial TV that doesn’t have a cost of access.

But they are dealing with the same problem we online publishers have had for a while now. That a content consumer needs to pay something else* to reach us.
Something else = data bundles.

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Netflix for me would be a waste of money I have a short span of attention and watch even one hour movies in parts of say 15 to 20 minutes, I have just finished watching The Mummy which I started on Saturday, this is why YouTube is a win for me.
VOD will be a hard sell for most Kenyans even with high speed internet

Cost of internet is what discourages a lot of people from joining the band wagon.

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Adding to that, also FUPs.
I uploaded 1GB to Mediafire and on the same day streamed the presidential debate online. After that, my net has slowed down.

Which ISP?

Same here. I loose attention real quick. So I prefer documentaries and Youtube works perfect on that

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My ISP is Zuku.

Oooh, I see, in as much as they claim they don’t have FUP they actually have

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I did speak to a Zuku tech (not the other clueless ones on phone) about FUP which depends on your package and I wanted to know mine so that I don’t exceed. I had over 600GB that month and the rep told me at that time their system wasn’t intelligent enough to effect FUP. Things might have changed with the new CEO but I still am a heavy user and I don’t see any slowdowns.

Apart from last week when we were moved from Seacom and latency to Mombasa went from 20ms to 170ms, and EU 200ms, can’t work like this.

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