Let the Bandwidth Wars Begin

Zuku Draws first blood,whose next?..

Just got a message that my 30Meg is up to 50Meg, let’s see how this plays out.

Yeeeh man,i think Zuku has upped the game,they have seen tangible subscriber losses enough to warrant some changes

I’m yet to get a text. My subscription is the 10mbps minus TV.

So the upgrade is real, but only download speed, upload is still the same.

Watu wa Safaricom just watching from the side lines like :bow:

Zuku is protecting its market share. I still see no incentive to move to Safaricom since they dont offer any TV in their product. Safaricom are capable of doing a hostile take over of this market, but i think they fear technology changes and drop in bundle purchases in mobile internet product. They really want to do it wireless so that they can scale it up faster but if they dont move in now they will lose so much data revenue. My spending on Safaricom products dropped down drastically after having wifi in the house.

It’s probably too early to celebrate, see screenshot by @Wamathai

Here is mine while streaming. Always use an ethernet cable for best results.

Okay am looking at @BoazKE internet speeds and it’s just unbelievable(Am living in Uganda). So when they say 47Mbps down, are these internet speed tests that cross the whole internet, not just within Kenya? Also how much are you guys paying for this? Thanks

Yes, here’s test from Vodafone London.

[quote=“oquidave, post:10, topic:952”]
Also how much are you guys paying for this?

Check prices HERE

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I like this, I really really like this! Hehe :money_mouth:

I did a test on the “250 Mbps” connection by Zuku straight from router via ethernet cable via testmy.net and the speeds reported were 27Mbps. As always I say it doesn’t matter what a server in Nairobi will say if 90 percent of your content will be accessed from servers outside of Kenya. That includes this forum and Techweez.

Here;s what I get for my 10Mbps Safaricom FTTH connection on an international server


Different results. Server in London

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This is close home in terms of promise versus delivery. If Safaricom can keep that up they are up to some major disruption. We’re yet to hear their version of capping though.

So how much is this? In comparison to Uganda, 1Mbps unlimited link from a telecom is about $350 per month. How much is this in Ke?

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Is that US? For 50Meg down - 3Meg up, plus premium TV, I pay KES5800 which is about UGX203,000

That could get you Zuku’s Kshs 20k ($200) 250Mbps package plus subscription to all the streaming sites you’d think to consider.


Wow am coming to Kenya :grinning:

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