LED TV Screen, is it worth replacing or not?

I recently got a 39" non-smart hisense tv (it only lasted 3 days before it hit the floor!). Everything seems to be ok but the screen is completely broken (see attached photo). Question is, is it worth replacing the screen or should I just accept the loss and get a new TV? If you’ve been in this situation, please share your experience.

My advice,take the loss and be careful with your next purchase…let me share my experience

In February of 2016,i bought a Sony Bravia Android TV,while on transit and after unpacking,this is what happenedIMG_20160120_010318

Then it started spreading to this IMG_20160125_205750
by the end of the week it had become this

The next day after i bought it i took it to sony support centre in westlands,they told me they dont cover such damage…i had just spent 80K on the TV so you can imagine how i felt…

When the screen got to this point it was 2 weeks later,my only solution was to replace the TV panel which werent available in stock,so i was told to wait.

So i packed it up,took in the 70K loss and sold it for scraps at a repair shop in luthuli avenue for 10K,

But my desire for that TV was so great,i took a loan and within a week i had another sony bravia android TV in my house,this one mounted onto a wall,i even hired a qualified professional to mount for me…the earlier one i did things myself and it ended messy…this second one,i am still using it even today,2 years on and i have no regrets about buying it.My only regret is the decision to unpack such a delicate TV myself and put it on a stand…

Here is the second mounted one as of April of 2016 running Android 5.0 Lollipop


And here it is,mounted on a new wall at my new place running Netflix on Android 7.0 nougat.


…When i moved i did not touch it,from unmounting to moving to re-mounting,i paid a professional to do it coz i love that TV too much…I hope this gives you hope and inspires you to do what you need to do…The hisense team may or may not help you but if you desire that TV enough,you can get another one…and yes,i have since cleared that loan,it took me 5months to do it actually…it was painful but worth it.


Thanks so much @Dree_Alexander for sharing. I can imagine what you felt then. I’ll look for a local fundi and dispose while I shop for a new.

The new screen will most likely cost 3/4 of the total price you paid for the TV so follow above advice by @Dree_Alexander

Forget about 3/4, I called their repair center and the amount they mentioned was 5k more than the buying price!. I already decided to get a new one and hopefully dump the one I have somewhere.


Most likely they wanted to buy a new TV, disassemble it, fix the “new” screen to your damaged TV, make a profit of 5k, and still retain other parts as spare… :grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


Enyewe, once bitten twice shy… pole sana bro.

When I bought mine, I thought it would be fun to mount it myself, like a DIY type of thing, but the risks of damaging were there.
Some of these professionals, however, charge highly. I know someone who paid Ksh3k for the drilling & mounting alone.

Remmember thse boys under wares the Y shaped ones, my friend say repairing phones and TVs is like taking those under wares to a tailor for repair, it’s not worth it and if it works it will not be 100% okay, and the fundis keep your TV for weeks, power issues are okay but screens NO