LED or LCD Televisions?

I disagree with that point that: “so anything before last year is an LED tv and before that just lcd tvs”.
Well, LCD pannel as all will agree can either be backlit by a CCFL (cold cathode florescent lamp) or by one of the permutations of LED (edge lit or direct lit). Thus, what manufacturers refer to as LED TVs are actually LCD pannels with LED backlight. Which means all TVs (including LED TVs) use an LCD pannel.

Quote on “LED-backlit LCD”: While not an LED display, a television using this display is called an LED TV by some manufacturers and suppliers. In the UK, the Advertising Standards Authority has made it clear in correspondence that it does not object to the use of the term LED TV, but requires it to be explained in advertising.

Read here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/LED-backlit_LCD

That’s right. The rule of thumb is that if it’s not explicitly stated that it’s OLED, it must be an LCD display with LED or CCFL backlight. Fluorescent backlights are slowly disappearing and soon most TVs might have LED backlit LCD screens. There are two main things affecting the production of OLED TVs. First there is the durability. Apparently it gets harder to make an OLED TV as screen size increases. Second, it’s a lot more expensive to manufacture than LCD. Maybe we’ll see more OLED TVs when we have solved these two niggles. OLED screens have been used on phones since way back but they’ve never seen mainstream adoption. Note that Apple has always preferred LCD. For their screens.

I wouldn’t hold my breath for OLED to go mainstream because LCD technology appears to be developing much faster than OLED and soon the picture quality of LCD screens might become good enough to make OLED redundant. The development of IPS LCD panels was a breakthrough in LCD technology and backlights are also improving a lot. By the way, OLED cannot be used to make see-through screens and those might be the future.

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Precisely! IPS was one breakthrough that really broke the perrenial problem of viewing angles. As you pointed out, LCD might just improve so much, so fast; in deed, they migh just achieve very decent contrast ratios, which is the strongest point with OLEDs by the way, that even at first glance might be indistinguishable.
Moreover, once HDR content becomes ubiquitous, we might all forget the downsides of LCD pannels unless OLED solves those two issues fast and proves to be the better pannel.
Am not sure am ready for a transparent pannel as that will have me paint my wall black: black because there is no way to produce blacks other than obscuring light.

Don’t hold your breath for that as well.

Transparent panels will probably be used mostly for smart home devices and a few portables - - not home TVs

I’m also in the market for a new tv. I don’t want to spend much,maybe 60k. Main feature, low input lag(I want to use it with the Nvidia shield tv) Other important features include miracast/wifi and or Ethernet, at least 1080p). Any recommendations? Are these TCL/HiSense/Skyworth brands any good?

Hisense seems to be a good brand judging by the people I know who have it. I don’t know about the rest through.

OLED is just something else esp the LG ones

Can I get an OLED tv for 60k?

Edit:Do I really need wifi on the tv when I have the shield? I can even cast to the shield instead of the tv. I guess the main features that I need are low input lag and great picture quality.

I don’t think so. OLED TVs are still too expensive.

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I was looking at this LG set: http://www.lg.com/eastafrica/tvs/lg-43UJ634V
These HiSense TVs are tempting though: https://pointmall.co.ke/product/hisense-50-smart-4k-uhd/

@SamuelN Since your choice is between LG and HiSense, I would go for LG due to their support in Kenya.

The LG set ticks most of the boxes and i “trust” the brand. So LG it is…for now.

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There is this voice in my head telling me not to drop 60k for a tv; to just get a standard tv. What do you think? Should I listen to this voice?

LG is a great brand when it comes to OLED and TV quality

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If your head is getting second thoughts, ask your heart for a second opinion. At least if you follow your heart your head won’t come to kick your ass further down the road. And what the heart is inclined to do nobody can oppose. Haha…

… Not even yourself…

Well both are telling me to get a 30k TV and use the other 30k to get the shield. I’m coming from a CRT(with a curved screen… and not the new curved TVs). So any TV with at least a flat screen is an improvement.

@SamuelN You can also spend the remaining 30K on a PS3, they still have great games. If you can find an affordable PS3, like for 25K, you can use remaining 35K on buying a better T.V.

I’m interested in android apps(including games).Most console games will also be available for the PC. Since I have a good PC, i don’t see the need for a console.


If that’s the TV you’re looking to buy, I don’t know why you’re still asking.

Its good to get other people’s opinion. That’s why i’m asking.