Lean and fit websites

Is your site obese?

Please read this awesome article to find out. http://idlewords.com/talks/website_obesity.htm

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LOL! It’s a capitalist world, the guys pretending to solve things for you ( $GOOG and $FB ) have their agenda, and thus will always track you the user and of course serve you more of their pages in their “solution” to bad internet.

Yes I agree that the internet is growing bloated by the day, so faster internet is getting countered by even slower loading pages because of the bloat. We are guilty of that. This forum is run out of a Ruby web app that won’t work on Opera mini.

If we get too basic some things will break, so the internet saver who uses Opera mini won’t be served. We’ve learnt to accept it, since we are not Facebook who will have capacity to develop for every demographic.