Latii Brayllot launches Quilege in Nigeria

The most anticipated career platform to arrive in Nigeria; has been launched. Never before has there been a talent-sourcing platform like Quilege in Nigeria. Now everyone can kickstart their entertainment careers or get their dream jobs in few clicks.

Quilege which is dedicated to solving the ever growing recruitment challenges amongst the Nigerian workforce, also decided to carry along our very talented entertainers that have been hidden in the crowd for far too long. Through Quilege, any entertainer can get to the limelight faster than ever as Quilege is determined to help them shine as bright as the star within them and we do this by showcasing their abilities to the country’s most prominent entertainment entities who are looking for fresh talents.

Ranging from testing Quilegers for their strengths/weaknesses and talents/skills, connecting them to quality career opportunities, Quilege also provides more learning options to help them improve their skills or polish up their talents for the great career ahead. Quilege is not just about helping users get hired. Quilege actually want to see them succeed in the field they have always dreamed of. This is a good innovation that I think will be welcomed in West Africa (Kenya inclusive). Or what do you think?