LastPass introduces its own two-factor authenticator

Activating two-factor authentication is recommended for most services you entrust your personal information with. Facebook, Gmail… name it. On LastPass, one of the most widely used password managers, it has always been an option. You could enable two-factor authentication using several available options including SMS and randomly generated codes (using the Google Authenticator app or others like Authy). The latter option now works with LastPass Authenticator, LastPass’ own authentication app. It also includes a barcode scanner (so you don’t need to install one while you’re setting things up as was the case previously).

LastPass Authenticator is available on Windows, Android and iOS. Surprisingly (since I haven’t tried it out yet), the app currently has a 1-star rating on the Play Store and some rather negative comments. Maybe it will get better with time (it has to).

I personally use and recommend Encryptr. It is open source software which is awesome and crucially the user retains control of their own encryption keys.

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Anyone else using this LastPass? I am not sure how secure it is.