Largest torrent meta-search engine shut down.Alternatives?

I’ve been using for a while now and after kickass demise, the owner(s) has decided to shut it down.The only result the site is giving is a farewell message.Now that it Looks like the whole torrent distribution ecosystem is crashing hard right now is any anyone aware of any alternative torrent search engine?

Like in the kickass case, there is now a functioning mirror of

There’s, but the registrations are on the first and fifteenth(if i remember correctly) of every month. Also i think it’s more for stuff like photoshop and 3d, haven’t really looked for anything else because still works.

Are we still torrenting, with all these options for streaming content, and cabled internet getting all the way to the main watuz estates like Buruburu, Roysambu, Kinoo, Rongai, Dagoretti corner, Ruaka, e.t.c.

Torrents are still useful for me when searching for obscure content that might not be available on streaming sites. The ability to stream torrents as they download does help a lot.

torrenting is still important,i use…its very reliable

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