Laptop processor upgrade help

I want to upgrade the processor of my laptop rather than buying a new one. Thanks to the great build of the laptop and I do feel that it has some two or three years of juice after serving me well for 5 years now.

What I want to do is upgrade the processor. I want to get a core i7 Quad used from Ebay. The question is, how do I know the processors supported by the laptop? Nisinunue ikue ngori. It’s an Asus and I can’t find any documentation about it anywhere.

For my desktop DELL, there’s a documentation about processor upgrades based on the motherboard that I have. For Asus that information is missing.

Naomba usaidizi

most laptops do not have a socketed processor

Nitachokora nione. Saw the processor is like held into position by screws. I hope it is, if not my bad

It’s possible to swap CPUs, used to do so pale jamia mall… But you need to make sure that BIOS and motherboard supports it. Also, laptop CPUs vary significantly due to power… With U and Y series being least powerful.

If your laptop has a U processor, swapping it with H or HK can permanently damage it due to heat management. Be careful and good luck. Make sure that frequency and tdp don’t vary that match or at all.

Find out your motherboard chipset. Once you know it, you’ll get all the processors it can support.