Laptop / PC cleaning, how do you handle yours?

Let’s hear how you manage to keep your laptop neat and clean. Dust free and looking good. Best practices. I’ll probably not share how I do mine. I want to take tips.

following,coz i dont think i clean mine the right way…

I just clean it with a dry cloth every morning before I turn it on kutoa smudges na dust. Alafu after kitu two months I open it up and clean inside with a soft brush… Na kupuliza fan mpaka dust inaisha :joy:.

I wipe mine with a moist cloth then for the groves and holes, I have a worn out paint brush. It does the job so well. After cleaning it looks really cool.

None of you uses cleaning foam anymore?

Cleaning form is quite dangerous if not use well. I once had to replace my keyboard due to over spraying.

Vacuum cleaner on reverse - to blow dust. That’s all.

I keep my laptop in a cover and weekly or biweekly I clean it with small laptop cleaning brush.

How did I forget that there were laptop sleeves? Last one I had was given to me by Nokia, when Symbian was a big deal.

On the outside, blow the keyboard with compressed air, wipe the case with a dump cloth (as little liquid as possible), and clean the screen with microfiber cloth
On the inside, delete obsolete files such as old screenshots and empty the trash can

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