Laptop Heating when Internet Connection is On

I think the problem is a software issue…this is because when I turn off the wifi(no matter the program that I am running) the laptop cools down. I also pay games on the machine when the wifi is off but it does not heat up. This makes me think that there is a certain software that is hidden that uses the internet connection.

If it was a software problem then the task manager would show high loads on the CPU, memory and network card. That’s clearly not the case here.

Also assuming your Internet connection is stable i.e. speed and a steady connection, then your network card is not the problem.

Does your firmware and os have the latest updates?

I am inclined to agreeing with him. His machine could be infected by a virus that is activated whenever the machine is connected to the internet.

It is possible for someone to remotely use your machines processing power to perform tasks.

I know its a long shot but…

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I had a HP and it had overheating issues, be it normal browsing and editing. I had to actually open it and clean the heatsink, replace thermal paste, and repeat every six months. Have a Lenovo now for over 3 years, haven’t opened it except for RAM upgrade when I got it.

Get another laptop, not a HP.

Hii ni hate speech. Not all HPs are bad. I have used HPs all my life, this is my third one and never have I ever had any issues with one.


Can you say for sure that your fourth laptop will be a HP?

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The HP Spectre. I want it. So yeah, might be a HP.

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HP na ASUS si poa,Get Dell…

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@Lukirdem I’d suggest installing a firewall such as Comodo and observe all the apps that request to run once you connect to the internet.
Also instal CCleaner and run it.
Hope this helps

It could be that your laptop might be downloading something big like a Windows Update or something. Try disabling windows update for a bit and see if there is a difference.

This link will show you how to disable windows update.

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This is what I had in mind too :point_up_2::point_up_2:.

This as well :point_up_2::point_up_2:

Avast and its subsidiary AVG seriously? :nauseated_face:

Advanced System optimizer and Avast PC cleanup are good pc cleaner tools.

What if this machine is actually mining crypto for others like a slave bot.

What processor do you use? I have seen the same problem on another laptop before. It was AMD.
Do you use AMD or Intel?