Laptop Heating when Internet Connection is On

For the last week or so my Laptop has been acting strangely. Whenever I turn on my internet connection, the fan becomes louder and the laptop generally becomes hotter. This happens even if I leave it and nothing is running on the machine.
Has anyone else had this problem? And if so…how did you deal with it?

Lemme guess, you’re using Chrome, right?


Yeahh…but even when I am not using it…it still gets hot.

Just connecting to the Internet? What does it look like on Opera browser? Chrome has been a resource hog for a while now.

I have the same problem with Chrome and Adobe Reader. My next laptop will definitely be a fan-less laptop.

Try check under devices if you have anything that is pending for printing. If you do, terminate the process.

Given that the problem here is overheating, this statement makes no sense.

It is still the same whether I am using opera or not. As long as the internet connection is there it still gets hot.

Well when the laptop heats up, the task manager usually looks like this

Is the laptop model Dell?

It is a HP 250 G4…[quote=“martingicheru, post:8, topic:1305, full:true”]
Is the laptop model Dell?

I’ve gone through forums and they suggest that you plan to have the cooling liquid replaced as there may be no cooling happening if the liquid is over. And most suggest that it’s a common problem with Dell laptops,

This problem is faced by many dell users others are hard drive failure,battery replacement etc. There is a coolant surrounding your processor which keeps it cool by absorbing the heat released by processor. When your laptop gets old there is a possibility that your coolant may be dried up.

But don’t worry this liquid can be replaced at service center or use a good cooling pad .

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Going by the screen cap, there’s no load on your system so its definitely not a software issue.

Try adjusting your Windows power settings to “power saver” and confirm that the cooling vents aren’t blocked.

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Definitely it will make no sense if you cannot read between the lines. In short, fan-less laptops are better when it comes to heat management. I have a high-end Asus V500CA. Just turned 3 years old last month and from last year overheating has been an issue when internet is turned on.

The fan does some crazy RPMs when running Chrome or Adobe reader. I partially solved this problem by making sure there is no document that is pending printing under devices. Still though, the PC overheats when running any of the two applications I have mentioned.

Hope now you understand my statement of getting a fan-less laptop for an upgrade now. Anyway that point was NOT directed to the post writer. Check who I had tagged.

Even assuming a power user, these aren’t resource heavy tasks that justify a high end machine.

My point stands, your claim is illogical.

No problem as long as your thinking is illogical that is the way you are bound to reason anyway.

If Chrome is resource heavy, then what do you call tasks such as 4K video, gaming and graphics editing?

In this context you are comparing apples and oranges.

I have chrome with four tabs and out of the 6GB RAM I have, Chrome is using over 50% of it. I once did an internet search and noticed that there are so many complaints of Chrome being a resource hogger. You can do that search and you’ll be amused at how many people are facing the same problem.

Some of these operations are managed by dedicated graphics cards that have powerful GPUs to manage such operations and that is the reason why PCs that are designed for gamers and video editors are not that cheap.

High loads on RAM are a common issue among web browsers that run multiple processes and Chrome is the most notorious.

3 gigs of RAM from only four tabs is genuinely high. How is your browser setup in terms of extensions?

@Mark you already determined that the cause of @Lukirdem’s heating laptop is not software but probably a hardware issue, and the fans to be specific as we’ve concluded. You and @deewinc seem to have picked on something else.

Apologies if we went off topic.

No need to apologize, just that you two didn’t seem to agree.