Laptop Dead. Help Fix It's HDD to a Desktop CPU

Hello guys,

Today early morning (around 2am) went to bed after switching off my laptop. Around 10am, I tried to switch it on but the laptop refused to start.

It was fully charged at the time of switching off. Tried to connect the charger and not even the charging LED works.

Went to YouTube. Attemped common DIYs like dumping off the static charge. But still it won’t work. I have decided to remove the HDD and slot it on the PC.

The PC’s SATA HDD is rated 12v or 5v (it can work with either). The Laptop’s SATA HDD is rated 5v. Here’s the challenge, I need to ensure that the HDD’s power wire on the PC does not have a 12v connector (if it does, I cut it off).

From forums, the 12v connector is indicated by a cable of color yellow and/or blue for -ve12v. On my PC’s power connector, I don’t have a yellow and/or blue wire.

Is it safe to connect the laptop’s HDD? Thinking of getting a HDD to USB adapter to be safe and extract the important files first before making an attempt to connect the Laptop’s HDD on the PC.

Don’t worry about the dust. Imekua kwa museum. By God’s will laptop tutatafuta fundi after Covid. After all, uchumi mbaya :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Museum atleast hufanywa dusting once every 10 years…



Imekua kwa Arsenal’s trophy cabinet :joy::joy::joy:

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You can try getting a SATA-USB Cable. They are plenty in the market and even on Jiji there are vendors in town selling them

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Let me check on Jiji. Have found one on OLX (Jumia oops!) yet delivery is between Friday and Wed next week. Guess Rona causing havoc.


Hii iko sawa? Na naeza kuboot PC using it?

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I bought the cable from Jiji and the seller promised a 20 minute delivery time. For sure, it took like 15 minutes to deliver.

Chucked off the HDD from the laptop and slotted it on the desktop via the cable. Backed up my data. Decided to boot from USB and that didn’t work.

Decided to take a risk and slotted it directly on the desktop via the dusty power cable you sew above. Well, booting the PC from the HDD refused.

Lucky, it seems the White cable is -ve5. So, the HDD was spared from proper frying. I decided to look up online on why it fails to boot.

Found somewhere where they stated that, trying to boot a laptop’s HDD that came preinstalled with Windows on a different PC of a different model other than the exact one of the laptop, won’t work.

I decided to confirm if the laptop’s HDD is okay or fried. Could see it via Bios on the Desktop but decided to check it via Windows. It works.

Took it back to the laptop and before slotting it in, I decided to just confirm one more time that the laptop is dead.

Guess what, that M&$&%F%#&ER turned ON :angry::angry::angry:. 1,300/+ gone like that. :joy::joy::joy:



Well at least it works now :joy::joy:

And he is a USB to SATA Cable richer…

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The cost of that happy ending was a mere Kshs 1300.

This is for insulting Arsenal.


Did you also confirm that the partition table in your laptop disk is GPT and was set to UEFI instead of BIOS while formating? Coz if your computer is just MBR and BIOS, it won’t boot a UEFI drive. You need to change that in the BIOS setting.
This also explains why your flash fails to boot.

I can’t authoritatively say the source was wrong, but I have done so a few times and it boots.

Tried it on a different Desktop to boot the laptop’s hard drive, it still refused.

I’m so happy twice. For backing up data and for the laptop coming back to life.

As for Arsenal…I’m a lifetime fan. Bana hii EPL tumesubiri sana :joy::joy::joy:

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I’ll do this tomorrow and revert back

Fiti. Do check

I should be doing this tutorial soon. I really struggled with these shit until I learnt the hard way. Nowadays, I don’t lose anything even when I reinstall Windows even without a back up

I did set up boot sequence to pick up the drive as UEFI and it still refused to work. On the laptop it does have a fast boot mode that powers windows in 3 seconds or less. Not sure if that’s the reason.

Mmm what tool did you use to create the bootable? Rufus? As you are doing so, you should create it to be bootable on UEFI

Haven’t formatted the laptop’s HDD. Wanted to see if it will boot from the desktop PC straight out of the laptop with Windows installed.