Landlord : Real Estate Tycoon Game

Every year, the world gets captivated by one mobile game, which takes over the existence of players fast becoming the centre of all conversation and the axis of everything they do. Remember Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Temple Run, Flappy Bird and Pokemon Go? We were forever glued to our screens and each and every of our activity revolved around beating the high score or advancing to the next level (at least for me that was the case). I think I found one that fits that bill.

I am new to Android full time this time after having spent years in an abusive relationship with a Blackberry (Owning a Blackberry is like being at the infamous Hotel California, you can check-out any time you like, But you can never leave. Miss the damn thing already). Much of my induction to android has been sent downloading anything with a rating of more than 4.1 and that is how I stumbled upon a game called Landlord.

Folks, it is amazing, addictive and a magnificent game. Think of Foursquare mayorship meets Pokemon Go meets Monopoly. All in a single game.The gist of the game is that you receive $50,000 upon sign up. You then use these funds to virtually buy property around. You then earn rent from these assets on a daily basis (calculated as an hour). The more rent you earn, the more your value rises. The game also provides a leaderboard within your location measured based on how much value you have created. In addition, one can base on their activity buying property gauge their skills such as accounting, handling of taxes and even flipping of property. So the more people visit locations you own, the more your rent and property value rises.

I currently own property worth $60,000 in less than 24 hours which includes a 0.1% stake in Tuskys Chap Chap, a 0.6% in the entire Kasarani area (yep. Wealthy merchant), 0.1% of Uhuru Highway, 1% of Java UpperHill, 1.1% of Ogilvy & Mather and 4% of Java Yaya (the returns from this property have been huge).

Some of the rules before playing is that you have to be quite skilful with your money management. You don’t want to blow $45,000 on one property with returns of $5,000 a day. Diversification is key. You also need to be a little imaginative and guess which areas will have a larger traffic of people as this means more returns for you.
Below are screen grabs of some of my activity.
(I was looking for bargains around my place)

(I hope for happy returns from this one)

You can go right ahead and download the game here:

and have good time flipping the property market!