KTN To Show Live English League Football Matches in Kenya

So KTN tweeted that they will be showing live EPL matches on TV. This sounds too good and incredible.


Well from what I know, the English premier league is one of the most watched football leagues after the World cup and the UEFA Champions league. Now rights to air are quite expensive, and the entity that gets them get an exclusive. Currently the guy at the top is Multichoice with DStv.

Now if this happens to be true, we shall get to see dynamics over the argument that people get DStv for the football matches. EPL to be precise. If KTN goes ahead to air, whatever the arrangement, we could see major consumer changes.

However, as I type this I have received word that the EPL has an allowance for Terrestrial tv channels to buy airing rights. Also there’s a bit that they could not be getting access to all matches, of course this is due to the fact that they are one channel, EPL usually has several matches airing at the same time, so DStv still got it there.

[UPDATE] Okay, so there is a plan that allows them to select the matches to air during the weekend.