KPLC Token Charges

Surely hii Kenya tutaishi hivi? I normally buy KPLC tokens of either Ksh 1,400/- or 1,500/- which lasts me roughly around one and a half months at most if not always. With these amounts i usually get a unit range of between 72-78 units for 1,400/- and 81-86 units of elec for 1,500/- as shown below.

But leo nimejionea kiini macho. Today my unit tokens were due for top up of which i religiously buy Ksh 1,500/- worth of units only to receive a measly 67.6units.

Surely even those days i topped up with 1,400/- the units received have never gotten that low. I can only imagine what that dreaded 16% Fuel Tax lurking around the corner will do to future Token charges :thinking:

yaani you are seeing this now? :joy::joy::joy:

Imagine, i can only imagine how jaw dropping it’ll get after the alleged 16% fuel tax is imposed on us.

Na after VAT on fuel utaskia maji kwa dams imeisha.

Kenyanwallstreet wameandika article fulani vile kutakua tight hadi 2022

They were very crafty. They took advantage of the hue and cry about unpredictable token purchases to generate some good PR by eliminating the fixed charge and then sneakily hiking the prices for domestic consumers. Since they lowered the costs for everyone else it will be hard to fight the price increase.

Kwanza the funny thing is they went around the country allegedly collecting public views before review and then just imposed the exact same charges. It was just an all expenses paid local tourism tour.

So guyz, i hear KPLCs 888880 is delaying token generation via sms by even days (i always check twitter for tweeps feedback before paying) I have always trusted this paybill kushinda the others coz of the amount of tokens it generates. I find the units provided are slightly more than the other providers like Tspace or Mula for the same cash amount, but i stand to be corrected. Roundi hii my tokens are almost over and i need to buy tokens ASAP. Ni gani poa kati ya Mula na Tspace now that KPLCs 888880 is down? Sahii itabidi nitumie one of the two.

I used the 88880 some days ago and it worked well. Expect delays of 3 hours at most.

I use equity app it’s free and the tokens just take a few minutes

ERC drops electricity tariffs for households using less than 100 units to Sh10 per unit from Sh12, effective November 1.
KPLC to shut down prepaid service from 12am tonight to implement new tariffs by ERC; vending to resume 2pm tomorrow.

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Guys, 888880 is improved nowadays. Just used it today through mpesa and got tokens immediately. I think they sorted out delay issues

Yup 888880 is immediate i bought this evening and topped up my tokens ASAP.

Alas, this text came in an hour later after buying my tokens but haidhuru, December top up haiko mbali

Best news, I almost bought my tokens yesterday but decided to wait and am rewarded. Could have gone either way.

At least 1,000 will get you 60 units instead of 45 units slight relief.

The PayBill had issues two days ago I think. But it is always instant tangu watu wazue moto about cartels they fixed it. Unatuma mpesa tokens zinaingia same time na mpesa message.

I bought 1600 worth of tokens at the beginning of last month and they failed to last all month, I topped up yesterday za mia nikitegea leo for new tariffs :grin::grin:

At least, mpaka wanakuletea report ya where all your cents went :joy:

Alafu, guys have you noticed the more money you use to buy tokens the larger the amount of “other” tariffs? Try deducting token amount, tax, REP, warma, erc, fuel index, forex, and inflation adjustment from the original amount you used to buy tokens. The more the cash, the lesser the “token amount.” :thinking: Any economics guru?

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I have experimented a bit and realized that no matter which service you use (Mula, Equity, Tspace or 888880), the token value is the same. For every 100 bob, you will get 6.63 units.

I bought tokens worth 100 bob today on Mula and 888880 and got the exact number of units, 6.63.

I then bought for 200 and received 13.26.

So it’s easy to predict the number of units you will get. 1 unit is 10 KES. For every 100, deduct 33.67, which gives you 6.63 units. Which means 1 KES gives you 0.0633 units. Multiply that by whatever amount you want to purchase and you get the number of units you will receive.

So if you buy units worth 1500, expect to get 99.45 or thereabout.

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I used a different formula for 1000/- I get 45.25 units so each token is 22.1 bob the unit without the taxes is 15.60/- this is what is changing to 10 bob for the first 100 units so the real cost will be 10+6.5=16.5 bob which means my 1,000 bob will get me 60.6 units a whole 15 units more.

Bought 500bob kama kawaida. Nimepewa 33 units up from 22. Wamepunguza kakitu.