Kodak 43" tv 4k,,, Motorola 43 "tv 4k,,, Nokia 43"tv 4k and Thompson 43"tv 4k

Among those 4 am planning to import one from India and we have experts here can you advise please

Chukua tu TV that is also available in the US/UK and has been subjected to independent test by kina RTings and other reviewers. TVs specific and exclusive to India might not be as reliable as they seem. In my opinion, they are taking opportunity of booming consumer market there while at the same time avoiding bad publicity that might come from reviews in mature markets in Europe and Americas. (they might be re branding Chinese TVs since they have no history in TV manufacturing, but take this with a sizable grain of salt).

If their TVs were so good, they would fly like hot cake in those markets (especially US). Considering costs associated with importing a single TV, just use that cash to get something decent locally like TCL C815 or Sony X8000H 55" (it is similar to Sony X800H in the US). I would highly recommend these two. TCL’s C815 has quantum dots (not that they make a huge difference), which is fine at around 70k.

Others in that price range are Samsung TU8000 and LG UN7340 (both 2020 models), the downside of these two is mediocre HDR experience relative to Sony’s 2020 budget offering.

FYI: I’m not an expert

You have a point, I have tried to check them on Amazon, bestbuy na sizioni let me take your advice

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