Kenyan Market App

Hello guys I am a developer I just created an app for android smartphones and also the iphone (not live in app store yet).
The app is divided into two;

  1. Kenyan Market
    This app is all about online shopping from businesses around you,house hunting,school searching and locating hospitality services.
    Tap on the below Install the app from play store.
    Kenyan Market

  2. Kenyan Market B to B
    For this one is all about facilitating business to business transactions. A business can search for a product in which every product displays the name of the company responsible and the business can enquire for the product in bulk.
    The app also supports agriculture e-commerce where farmers can now sell their products in at their own prices.
    click on the link below to install the app from google play store.
    Kenyan Market B to B

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Couldn’t you make this one app, and someone selects a stream they have interests in?

By the time you decided to go ahead with development of this app, I assume you had identified a gap in the market, what is it?

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Two issues right from the start.

  1. Do you have a business strategy? Your apps have a bloated feature set and would absolutely cannibalise business from each other.

    To make it worse your own website is a broken mess with features that don’t work. Not a good sign.

  2. Your UI is awful. Eye watering bad. There is simply no kinder way to put it.


yeah, that UI is not so pleasing. Why does this app feel like you made it through those websites which have preset features and all you have to do is change a few things to make it your own?

Thank you for your reply.
I look forward in improving it.

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Great idea but then if u are open minded and willing to do business and partner with other developers contact me lets improve it then patent it thank you

the link to the play store is not working. what is the name of the app let me search on play store

The app is being remodeled