Kenyan Market android App

Kenyan Market
This app is all about online shopping from businesses around you,house hunting,school searching and locating hospitality services.
Tap on the below Install the app from play store.
Kenyan Market

Do you want us to just install an app or do you actually need feedback?

I want both

Thanks for the information…i will consider.

I don’t know if @Dree_Alexander and @sarunibm checked out the app but I did. Here are my thoughts. One I was very annoyed by the bright green color at the top of the app (and other parts) it was an eyesore even at the lowest brightness setting.
An out of 10 score list

  1. Optmization for mobile 6/10 - It was compatible with my device but could be better.
  2. User interface - 3/10 - smooth UI but the colors man! And past the landing screen the rest of the pages are not that good.
  3. Ease of use - 5/10 - not intuitive enough for me.
  4. Uniqueness - 3/10 - Too much going on - from furniture to fashion its hard not to look for these services in other niche apps.
  5. Functionality - 2/10 I only think real estate is the only feature working and its only partly.

Consider making the app functional for spontaneous burst activities as the primary goal. Like i should walk and be able to open it, set location and check nearby houses at the same time (thats how an average user would do it). I am also curious how you will be updating listings on the app. Kwanza since you have a LOT going on in terms of services. Maybe choose a niche and do it well or act as an agent for established players in the service categories you are targeting? Also GPS over manual location entry anyday.

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I guess some of the issues are because he has simply converted an existing website into an “app” using some form of wrapper. Its very easy to convert that content (which is basically a list of items) into some form of API and then build a real app that makes requests to that API. We must stop being lazy “developers”.

Thank you ill take everything into consideration.
I’ll contact you directly for more info