Kenyan Gospel Artist Launches his Own Currency, Juliani Hela

Juliani has today launched a loyalty-based currency targeted at his fans. The currency, known as Juliani Hela will be held in a virtual wallet that the artist has developed. The currency will be used to purchase tickets, merchandise, albums and also redeem the tokens at select stores.

1 Juliani Hela is equivalent to Kes.100.

Juliani stated categorically that Juliani Hela is not a cryptocurrency.

To buy the tokens, one will need to visit The purchase of the tokens can only be done via M-Pesa.

Here’s the interesting bit:
On the website, there’s an option to resell your tokens. Thus I can buy my tokens at 100 and resell at a markup, which is crazy.

Anyway, what do you think of this new development and how long should we give it before it dies?


Naeza nunua KDF nayo?

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: If I were him and for his album launch, I would sell it at a discount if you bought it using Hela. He would probably be a Hela millionaire just like 50 Cent when he sold his album in bitcoins


50 thing was a publicity stunt, though he allowed people to buy his album with bitcoins, there were not as many buyers as he had earlier claimed… paper work revealed this when someone sued him for his “new” millions :joy:

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