Kenyan Android Developers have a reason to smile

I’m not into coding and the the likes but this sounded exciting. First, it was Mpesa linked to Paypal, now this.

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Considering that Google Play now accepts Mpesa Xpress, this is a big deal, especially for subscription based apps. At end month the app pushes an Mpesa pin request and you pay your dues.

Google uses western union or direct bank deposits for payments, but it would be an interesting development if they automated an Mpesa payment at the end of the month, baby steps though.

Related: I’ll be meeting Africa head of Android this weekend, bring those questions.


Ask him what are their priorities for the African market. Seems Africa has been like a second thought when it comes to pushing updates especially.

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Tell him/her to tell Google that we need an affordable pixel for us, at a place we can buy directly from them. And yes, I know we have Nokias and android one but I need the option of a pixel and all its capabilities.
Ask them when are they launching Fuchsia and how different it is from Android.
Ask them how they plan to implement RCS messaging on android devices retailing in africa, kina tecno. Plus if Kenyan telcos are on board the idea.
Ask them to lower fees for publishing new apps on playstore for african developers to increase the number of local apps on the platform.


Now that we have Mpesa Xpress payment option, and our developers/content creators can get Merchant accounts with Google…

Ask when Kenya will get access to Google digital content i.e. Music service, movies, books etc

PS. South Africa seems to be the only country with access to most of these services


I second this, this is the most important. We need local play store to sell local music, books, movies etc, if international products aren’t possible.

Never heard of this… new OS?

yeah, somehow a mashup of chrome OS and android. They somehow aim to build an ecosystem like Apple’s thing.

Lovely questions. Liking this :yum::yum:

:memo::memo::memo::memo::memo::memo::memo: Ok

Problem is not developing but fragmentation which makes it hard for Android developers to develop or create an app which canbe compatible with all Google API’s my question is when are they fixing this it is annoying in every bit.