Kenyan Action Computer Game

Recently I came across a video game that the authors said was kenyan. So out of curiosity i set out to see what this Kenyan video game had to offer. You play as Kibet a kenyan soldier who was sent out for a peace keeping mission. You come back home and you find out nairobi is in a wreck. Unrecognisable You have to find an antidote. In short it is a great game. Worth the time i used to play. Kenya has a bright future in tech.
You can get the game through this url Smash Games

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Good for a change. I hope it is great. Crazy idea though. Smash games is a Kenyan company?

All team members are Kenyans apparently.

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Mediocre effort IMHO.

The game engine is unmistakably from Quake 3 meaning it’s almost twenty years old, the graphics look even older and judging by the clip below, gameplay is extremely clunky.

Y’all be the judge.

I have tried to play the game. I think its great. Who ever recorded that video had a crappy computer. Have you played it yet? You will think otherwise mister_roboto. On my computer it looks great

Humour me, what exactly is great about this game? The avatar is literally a floating gun and the backgrounds would look bad on the original PlayStation.

I’m having a lazy afternoon and I desire to be proven wrong. Download in progress!

Good for you. I hope you have a good graphics card.

SMH. You must be trolling.

The backgrounds look even worse in HD and just like the clip posted above, the controls are clunky and the game is almost unplayable.

This game is poor even by early 90’s standards.

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Am not an expert in the field but si game engines like unreal 4 are free to use? Why use such an old engine in this era?

Good point:thinking:

Honestly i am unimpressed,but i wish them well.

The idea is good, honestly, but I cannot play that game just because the team behind it is Kenyan. Graphics need an improvement. Eeeh.

Not good by any modern standards. I think we can all agree that local development still faces the challenge of financing and support. Developers and creatives are often torn between going all in and taking the risk or just putting one leg in to test the waters. There is this other real estate app that was posted here about a week ago and it was awful by all means. I think no one wants to invest hours of coding to come up with a product or service when they are not sure of its success. We are trying to cut corners but then ironically this is why nothing solid comes forth.

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