Kenya TV Channels and 1080p Broadcast

Nope. Was simply a statement to show how low quality the content is…

Seems like all FTA stations gave up on investing in 1080i. I gave up on local content and TV watching after that. i mean we live in an era where most tv watchers have TV sets capable of at least 720p/i broadcast and content.


Spice fm And vybez radio are far ahead when it comes to technology they are the first to broadcast in hd stereo.

nrg started well but as we speak it’s now the worst rookie Kenyan engineers are messing the station big time.

The major problem was that the digital migration was forced and criminalized upon the broadcasters .infact I remember quite well may Kenyans rushed to buy paytv than fta decoders because of lack of knowledge

As long as signet is the sole signal distributor don’t expect any change.

My main worry is that when signet transmission fails and their is no and where will Kenyans rely on fta if a specific areas the equipment breaks down