Kenya releases new mobile number prefix “01xxx”

Do you think releasing a new mobile prefix is okay? Why not add an additional number to the existing numbers. Like what they did to 072 and 073 to become 0722 and 0733 in the early 2000s, they can add an additional number at the end of everyone’s phone number. So that if your number is 0722 123456, it becomes to 0722 123 456 0.

So every existing number should be added a zero at the end and create an additional 9 million lines per prefix or even two zeros to have a limit of 100 million lines as per the new prefix they’re introducing.

Good idea, but there is already 5 million SIM cards active on the 01xx prefix, hiyo imepitwa na wakati.
That said, I would be okay with a new prefix than a longer phone number, we are trying to memorize friends’ and family numbers I say!

Now imagine cramming footlong numbers like those ones of Nigeria :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:

I already have a hardtime knowing if someones number is saf or airtel,this should make it harder, for most 072 means saf 073 means airtel 077 telkom 074 is equitel

Lately am forced to Google which Prefix is for which provider before let’s say sending money. It’s no longer as easy as it used to be when Saf was 072/ 071 and airtel was 073…

now it’s tougher 01xxx hehe utaanzia wapi :smile::smile::smile: