Kenic Still Hogging .KE Domain Names

If you guys remember, Kenic started offering .KE domain names to the general public early this year. I took the opportunity to register one premium .KE domain that I had been eyeing since 2017. According to kenic and Kenya Web Experts, the domain was available and I spent the required 7,000 to register the domain in February.

Everything went well and I thought I owned the domain until later when I attempted to change the domain nameservers, and I was unable to do so. I contacted Kenya Web Experts and they informed me that the issue was with Kenic and that they had not yet activated that particular domain and that I should wait for them to activate it in due time.

I spent the next 5 months following up on the activation, but the Kenya web experts kept coming up with excuses. Kenic never responded to my emails or picked up my calls (very unprofessional). Eventually last week Kenya web experts informed me that my domain was not meant to be available to the public and that Kenic will be offering the domain via an auction!

No such information exists on the Kenic website and I suspect they are trying to illegally sell the premium .ke domains privately since I was given details for a person I was supposed to contact to ‘facilitate’ my domain purchase. The worst part is that I had already partially developed a site around that particular domain and I am now stuck.

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Corruption everywhere. I thought domains set for auction were set aside from the rest?

I am sure Techweez can help you follow up with the whole thing ama aje @martingicheru . You’d be surprised how much clarity you can get when the inquiry is through a firm.

meanwhile, sue them

I’m not a domain expert but I remember hearing about the process a few months back. There is a list of premium .ke domains on the kenic site that shows the sites that go through the auction process. Hopefully kenya web did not sell you a site on this list. The auction process is supposed to be public and the fact that you were given a contact person to talk to is suspicious.


Corruption in everything in kenya…