KCB Mobile Banking App for android Not Activating/Crashing on some phones,Your thoughts and Experiences?

I been having this issue since the beginning of last month where after a KCB app update,accessing the account section kept reverting or crashing the app,so i did a re-install of the app,only for the app to ask to be activated.I have tried severally to activate without any success,i followed every instruction offered by the KCB Customer support team,i even went to my bank branch but wasnt able to get much assistance.My pin works as i am able to still access mobile banking on the *522# but the app has refused completely.The customer rep at the branch said that the app is problematic on android 7 nougat which my phone is running at the moment.Has anyone in the forum experienced this? kindly share your thoughts and experiences?

Iphone 7 here, it worked for a while. Then after some updates, it stopped.
I went to KCB many times but they could not help. Even after re-installing. No way to activate!
They also told me it was because of my iOS version! Lol
More than 6 months now, I have been using the *522#

Hmmm so its not me alone,its like Since Mr.Ndichu left,their customer facing systems are degrading…its interesting how this issue is being brushed off as a small issue yet its something that can have long term consequences to their business.

Mine works well. iOS. The only part that’s problematic is getting bank statements.

I used to have these KCB problems (iOS app hasn’t worked in ~2yrs, Late SMSs, Arrogant Customer Service) but switched to CBA Loop. I think it has the best digital bank experience in the current market. Plus their customer service is top notch.

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Speaking of CBA, how comes Loop never refunds authorization holds for online purchases/trials/payments. For instance, if you access Microsoft/Netflix and try the trial version, the vendors will place an authorization of about a dollar that is refundable in days. CBA Loop doesn’t refund this amount, and they act ignorant about it.

That’s daylight Robbery …

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Correction,its not CBA to initiate the authorization.The authorization is suppossed to be initiated by netflix after the trial has eexpired.Follow up with netflix and ask them if they did initiate authorization reversal.If yes,ask them to give you the RRN number which you will be advised by your bank

Brother boss, who is talking about after the trial has expired? These are my words " if you access Microsoft/Netflix and try the trial version, the vendors will place an authorization of about a dollar that is refundable in days".

You are correcting me on my experience with CBA?

Here you have mentioned that the vendors will reverse.The bank cant reverse authorization if the vendor does not make an authorization reversal request.You will need to confirm with the merchant/the vendor where your amount was put on hold.Its not CBA Loop to reverse if your vendor doesn’t send reversal instructions.You need to talk to your merchant and confirm if they submitted the reversal request.

Much as I appreciate the sense you are making, I singled out CBA specifically because I have used other banks to conduct similar transactions. Barclays for example, you will see the amount on hold clearly on your online platform, after a while, the amount is reversed without me making any query.

As to querying the merchant about the reversal, I actually did with Microsoft, got the necessary communication, forwarded to CBA, and the guy I was talking to never replied to my email after that :grin:

Yes now this is problem with CBA.You might need to keep following :frowning:

:joy: laughs in eazzybanking mobile app. There’s something about Kenyan Banking systems and online banking that they missed completely. The only bank that remotely comes close to being a top tier online and mobile banking app is Barclays. KCB have their good and bad days.

My eazzy banking app works just fine n very reliable

Curious, what’s wrong with Eazzy Banking?

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You mean Equity app?