Just got my new PS5, and it shows a black screen

I guess it’s crashing…

how can i fix it, i have tried a couple, the power button also doesn’t beep

anyone @moderators

Have you tried restarting it…

download the latest PS5 Software update from the Sony Website and put it in your flash drive and the cold install it onto your PS5…At least thats what i would try.But i haven’t experienced any issue with mine

Yeah, i restarted it and i have reinstalled too, but it won’t help… i have been watching videos endlessly but none would workk

RTS (Return That S#@#), ama ni ya jiji? Kama you got it locally from an established business I guess there is warranty?

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Most likely he didn’t get it locally… Unfortunately this is one of the biggest drawbacks of importing stuff… How do you return stuff to lets UK or China for that matter…


i agree,ama hii ni ile PS5 mwitu…

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there has been a huge resale of faulty units lately esp in asia at lower prices.My take is,be very careful of where you buy your PS5 console preferably just buy from a trusted local supplier otherwise you will just be risking and you are on your own after purchase…remember cheap is expensive


Yeah, i paid my friend and he bought it from the US :((

So, what shall i do NOW?

So I checked and i the chatbot says I am not eligible for the playstation refund too from their official link for my black screen issue…

Is there really a no way out…?

Ask the friend to contact Playstation US for you with all the info about the issues. He/she might be eligible for a refund or exchange. Locally, the PS5 goes for around 90k. It’s up to you to decide which alternative is cheaper: Returning it to US (use shipping businesses like Kentex), or buying another one locally.

Needs to return it fast. Juu huko returns hukua 30 ~ 45 days. Several days gone tangu apate.

Hapa naona beste yako amekuchesa. Kwani haku test kwanza?


Everyone should be aware of the fact that even #Sony have admitted (in their earnings call) that shortages will last into next year …I would not be surprised that such mischief of “dead” devices would be going on…

Even broken ones are going for @ $400 - 550

If you want to take such risks, go ahead and you’ll probably have a paperweight as even spare components are hard to get …(reason why broken ones are going for ~ $500 as some components can only be salvaged?)

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Kentex does NOT offer Kenya to USA shipping.

I didn’t know they don’t send back to US. But there are several agents who do that. Thanks for clarifying.

PS5 usually doesn’t change its resolution according to the TV. The problem is PS5 will still output 4K resolution and your 1440p isn’t capable of handling that, so it will show a black screen. You can fix this issue by lowering the PS5 resolution by booting it into safe mode.