Jumia still making losses

How old is Jumia again? So i came across this tweet by Mark Essien claiming that Rocket Internet financials are out, and Jumia is still in the deep end.

Remember quite recently they had to consolidate all the various verticals to Jumia subdomains under Jumia categories because some were really doing badly. It becomes interesting when questions like ‘how long till Jumia gets cut loose’ pop up.

Rocket Internet has been known to be a cloning machine of great working online businesses by American companies with a plan to sell to the cloned company when they scale up and are too big not to be noticed. Recently Amazon purchased Souq, the biggest ecommerce site in the gulf region. We expected that Amazon would come knocking sooner because of the scale at which Jumia has already grown in Africa. Nothing yet. Can’t say they are time barred though.

I thought jumia are up in the sky already

There is barely much outside of the ecommerce site that was originally Jumia, the other ‘categories’ are just there.

Are the other Jumia products pulling the original Jumia down or what exactly is happening?

The main thing happening to Jumia is the lack of exits. http://www.businessinsider.com/barclays-rocket-internet-desperately-needs-some-ipos-in-2017-2017-4

very similar to most ecommerce businesses during early days…I think they projected they will start making profits in a few years…not sure when

Jumia now charges 3000/= to ship upcountry. It has become impossible to buy anything from them if you dont live in Nairobi. How will they make a profit?

Jumia already late in my global delivery,its been 3 weeks now and still no communication…its getting hard to even reach their customer care team and get any feedback.

Kwani nowadays Posta charges eCommerce handling fee? (surely hii ni story gani sasa). Before I used to import small packages and get them over the Posta counter for free, no tax no nothing, but this time around I got slapped by a 100/-Bob eCommerce handling fee for shipping in a phone case cover, really???

I asked the lady behind the counter when this fee started and she said two months ago smh, anyway I paid the fee just to get my damn phone case.

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I use Jumia only when it’s a product that is in Kenya, hapo pengine I cant recommend.

Kilimall is quite reliable for international shipping, at least for me. I keep buying household stuff that come within 25 days as expected.

Jumia is reliable for products that are shipping from within Nairobi stores.

Hey! Hope this finds you great. Just to ask, where did you ship from coz I have been looking for a case for my Motorola phone and only seen them at Aliexpress and wat were the charges and duration taken for the case to arrive?
thank you.

Picked iPhone cases and glass protector on Saturday and wasn’t charged the 150/=.The only time I’ve paid 150/= is when the item had duty levied.

I got mine from Alixpress and paid via Mpesa. Use the Phone app coz the Desktop version doesn’t give the Mpesa option. I ordered and paid for my phone case on 27th March 2019, they gave an estimated arrival date of 19th April, 2019 (25 days) but it actually arrived earlier by 11th April, 2019 (15 days). There is a tracker within the Alixpress app that gives an up to date status of where your package is.

Yup, i had ordered another phone case via Jumia Global around the same time as Alixpress on 26th March,2019 and it arrived on 15th April 2019 (20 days later), the thing with Jumia is hawana package tracker, just a stagnant text indicating when it will arrive smh

I wasn’t charged for an earlier package either, hii 100 bob ilianza juzi, or so they say. In Mombasa Posta i hear those guyz are worse, they charge you exorbitant fees na hakuna receipt, In Nairobi i insisted on a receipt for that 100 bob

Jumia’s package tracking doesnt seem to work,they just apologized again and said i should expect my parcel next week…thats the new timeline now…eti global shipping delays nkt…aki jumia wananibeba ufala sana

I’ve also been waiting for an international parcel for 3 weeks from Jumia. The tracking system last showed it was at a consolidation warehouse in China then system went offline. I ordered similar item from Aliexpress with standard delivery and much to my surprise, it got here last week.

Yup, Alixpress is way faster and efficient than Jumia by far

i got a text jana jioni saying my order is tied up in customs clearance nkt…

For as long as there’s a commercial value attached on the small item you’ll be slapped with a handling fee.

Did you face the tax man or AliExpress cleared it for you?