Jumia Prices and False Advertising

How do companies like Jumia get away with false advertising. Consider the case below. They indicate that the Redmi K20 pro is on a discount from 150,000 to 50,000. Seriously, this phone never costed more than 45,000 in the worst markets in the world. How would Jumia argue it’s case for the 150k in a court?

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Have always known this false advertising to be rampant… I always follow a product over a period and check Historical prices on the same and other platforms…

Maybe it is the vendors in Jumia trying to beat the platform’s algorithm. Imagine a case where product listings are given preferential treatment based on % discount they are offering. That and psychological (albeit unethical) selling tricks.

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Such Tactics are for those people who are clueless about the product, it’s price and are too lazy to do any research. It is just the way of taking the benefit out of them in the name of discount.
I think legally no one can sue them for doing these false advertising as it is just a scam to get most out of the consumers.

You can Sue them for providing false information…