Joe Mucheru as ICT Cabinet Secretary, is that a good thing?

News broke last evening that Joe Mucheru was going to be the next ICT cabinet secretary after Fred Matiang’i. And that elicited some positive reactions, people sounded hopeful, just like they were when the president picked professionals to head the dockets.

Joe has a quite impressive CV, from founding Wananchi Online, one of the first internet entities in Kenya, taking several caps at Google to being an Angel investor to some of Kenya’s successful startups like Wezatele, Bitpesa and Valuraha. People also likened him to Bitange Ndemo who has so much dreams of the Kenya tech space and has some great initiatives to show for this and assuming that Joe is going to pick from that inertia and leapfrog the space forward.

What do you think? Is this the cabinet hiring of the decade or not?

I think Joe’s joining of the cabinet, especially in the Ministry of ICT is one of the best appointments Uhuru Kenyatta has made thus far.

For one, Joe has vast experience in matters ICT locally and globally. He brings no only the world-class experience but also breathes life into a ministry that was a shell of it’s former self under Matiang’i. The growth and development witnessed under Bitange Ndemo left too big shoes for Matiang’i and I believe only someone with hands-on knowledge in the industry, and approach, could fill those shoes.

Having been in the industry for a while now, I must admit that I sometimes despair when I look ate the western world and realize how many eons behind we are in technology. Joe, having worked at Google (who are undeniably one of the most progressive and innovative companies in the world) brings not only experience but also great foresight and what I believe will be appreciation and support for innovation in the industry.

Ndemo’s shoes are still big, no doubt, but I think Joe could be the one person who could outgrow them.

I think its a great hire by the president,such a technocrat who has deep knowledge and understanding of the global and local ICT landscape can transform the industry and ensure it adds value to kenyans.I just hope politics and bureaucracy doesnt get in the way.

Even more exciting is the PS Victor Kyalo is an industry insider who has led the Kenya ICT Authority

Joe is a great appointment. I believe he can take us, together with PS Kyalo, from where Prof. Ndemo left. Coming from a very open and innovative environment at Google, my prayer is that government bureaucracy and politics don’t dissuade him.

Worst case scenario, better access than Matiang’i. There’s potential for the community to get things done, provided there is a community in the first place :blush:

So where are we on this one?