Is Windows 10 forcing Skype on users?

So today i get to work, switch on my office desktop PC and notice a familiar icon displaying in my system tray, it’s Skype (FYI I don’t use Skype, i can’t even remember the last time i used it must’ve been eons ago). Checking on Startup items via CTRL+SHIFT+ESC doesn’t seem to have Skype listed as one of the apps that startup on PC boot-up.


Getting the Icon off the system tray is not as easy as right clicking the icon and selecting exit like most icons, you have to go inside Skypes settings to remove it from the tray. Some of my colleagues also noticed the Skype icon on their Machines today. I’ve just reached home and opened up my laptop and voila, the Skype icon is present on my laptop smh, Anyone else notice this on their machines?

This linked article explains it best.

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Just checked,looks like i also have it and it was not there yesterday

the my people section on the taskbar seems to be gone on my PC and replaced with skype…i think they have abandoned everything and just decided to go all in on skype…

I faced the same issue and still wondering how to fix it.