Is there any PC or Mobile OS Safe from snooping?

Kim Dotcom shared this and it triggered a debate in the replies.

So it’s out there that Windows gives backdoor access to US security agencies, and God knows who else. In the replies someone mentioned that MacOS and iOS as well, alongside Android. Ubuntu wasn’t spared a mention. Have we reached the point where security and privacy are out of the proposition in the name of convenience?

Well for starters, since i never use my laptop camera i have always covered it using an insulating tape coz you never know who might decide to visually spy on you. My colleagues see it and call me paranoid but hey,

I also taped my camera, but that’s a tiny bit compared with access to your local and cloud storages, and activity when logged on.

TL;DR no system is hack proof but there are ways and techniques to minimise that threat.

An important point to note is that the CIA tools are intended for targeted surveillance as opposed to the mass surveillance carried out by the NSA.