Is the Xiaomi Poco F1 the flagship killer?

So Xiaomi recently unveiled there new mid range phone with flagship specs. I know that sounds crazy but the Poko f1 comes with snapdragon 845 and a 6/8 GB ram variant. To give you a feel of how powerful that soc is, phones with that chip set include the one plus 6 and Samsung S9+ which are 3 times more expensive. If Xiaomi decides to bring the phone in to the Kenyan market, the price will probably start at Ksh 30,000.

Hehe…Its poco…At 30k, i think it would shake things up.

It’s cheap for a reason. What is the build quality like? Regular firmware updates?

There’s some serious disadvantage that makes it range from that price. Be scared fam

hahahahaha ati poko

For that price, I don’t see anything like a disadvantage. That piece is solid, only a few short comings, i.e Camera and display screen. But it’s still a worthy bargain I wouldn’t mind getting one.

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That name got me in stitches…

Haven’t you just contradicted yourself?

hehe the name though
But I saw Unbox Therapy’s first impressions of it as well as the review by MrWhoseTheBoss comparing it side by side with the Mi A2 and OnePlus 6 and I must say it’s definitely something. Maybe sasa at that price my worry would be it’s durability

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just slap a case on it and you are good to go

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Actually it has a solid camera, Its camera is the same one as the xiaomi flagship of 2018

Build quality is not that good but nothing a phone case cannot solve. It has gorilla glass two, And xiaomi has promised android p software update in the next three months

This is not a selling point for a phone that is labelled a “flagship killer”.

It’s a ‘flagship killer’ killer

the name though…i wonder how its build quality is and the software updates situation

Just to keep you guys in the loop since ya’ll never read Techweez…

The Pocophone F1 is coming to Kenya, Xioami didn’t tell us when or at what price.

According to first impressions of people I trust, it’s well built. It’s a polycarbonate body, so it might feel cheaper than some of other devices with metallic bodies. As for software updates, it runs on a tweaked version of MIUI and going with previous expericne, it will be getting updates, just slower to update to major Android versions but security updates shouldn’t really be a problem.

I wouldn’t be scared. Unless you are trying to imply that they will steal data or maybe serve ads in the future.

I cannot comment about the camera but people are saying it’s better than good. As for the display, 1080P is more than sufficient.

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UPDATE: Pocophone F1 is coming in September!


they have promised android pie in 3 months time. The phone comes with Android Oreo 8.1.

Do have a clue about the price?

They also have a Kevlar version.