Is spotify premium worth it?

Of course its worth it, already subscribed and cancelled Deezer. I prefer it because of the better recommendation algorithm, the many add ons and third party tools that improve the experience and the integration with Alexa.

yo btw,its already well integrated with google assistant…already deployed it seamlessly across all the devices i use daily.Glad it carried forward my recommendations and playlists from my spotify free which had been set to a different region coz of VPN…The fact that one can still get spotify free also in kenya (with ads) of course,its a major thing…This is big news for the audio,music and Podcast industry in Kenya.


Working so well on the Nest Audio. Alexa has the regional nonsense, hope the restriction will be lifted soon.

Just paid for the premium version. You have to use the prepaid version*. One month at 329 bob.

*For those of us who don’t have PayPal accounts or any Visa card.

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Just curious, do you use the home assistants to issue commands from across the room (in English) ? I always thought physical smart assistants are a meme unless someone is old, especially if you don’t live alone… not hating, just curious