Is spotify premium worth it?

I listen to music alot on the go moreso albums. My genres include punk Rock, rock n roll, classic rock. Pretty much all sub genres of rock. I have had spotify for three months but i wanted to unlock the other services by going premium. For 2 people it will be usd 15. Do you think its worth it? I will probably ignore you if you’re pessimistic lol. But i would like to know your insights

On second thought after investigation i have decided to get apple music which is available in kenya unlike spotify. The prices are super cheap too. Since I’m a first timer i will get three months free then afterwards pay ksh 250 per month because I’m a student. Sounds too good to be true

wow,thats a crazy deal bro…i m a first timer on apple music 2 btw,just went for it besides i am a student so i might as well make the most out of it…Ksh 250 per month for all the music you can listen to is a deal i cant refuse…Apple Music seems far better than i thought now…

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Do you have it? How’s your experience so far?

I have it now and i am loving it,i think i am already converted…just finished connecting apple music on my devices

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I really like Spotify for the music recommendations and discovery. Unfortunately the hack I was using to pay for Spotify premium is gone, and can only listen from the desktop, free version.

I am seriously considering Apple music, anyone who has had both could be of assistance to share on whether I will feel that huge difference.

I’ve used both…spotify for free before they started clamping down on free accounts. I’m on apple music now, music selection between the two seems kind of the same for me — a few songs I can’t get on one platform I get on the other and vice versa.
One thing I really like about apple music is the “create a station” feature. I select a song and it mostly finds similar songs and works quite well and I use it sooooo much.
A few things I don’t like though is the UX of itunes on desktop, i found Spotify’s desktop app better. Also for some reason I found user playlists better on spotify versus itunes.

Did you have it on iphone or android because i’m thinking apple maybe neglecting the android app.

Spotify does this as well. You play a song and it plays similar songs based on that. Discover weekly is also based on algo from your previous liked and played songs.

So unless I find a solution that gets me back on Spotify premium I will move to Apple music.

Many sources claim that the discover new songs on spotify is much better but that is not an issue for me because i only listen to albums and follow the strict listing of the songs. Anyone who is regimented like me will not have an issue with apple music but my concern is the functionality of the app. Is it smooth without glitches? will it remain in memory in the background if you’re not using it? That is why i chose spotify over deezer because it just closes which is a deal breaker for me. Apple music is definitely worth a try though. Especially with the 90 day free subscription.

Only if spotify had launched in kenya with a nice monthly offering

Been waiting for this for like forever…

I personally find apple’s much better and accurate in finding songs that I’ll actually like and still keeping it diverse.

iPhone…i hear the android experience is not that good

I have been using Deezer premium for like a year now. It’s really good and has a wide variety of music. Apple music on Android is shit. Comparing Spotify with Deezer… I think Deezer is better imo cuz of bitrate. Apple music, you have to bypass Google play to pay for a premium which is shitty. However, Deezer costs 500

this is my current situation.

if you were referring to the Philippines Gift Card method, I found another one.
Just go to ebay and upgrade your account. How? search for “Spotify Premium”

  1. People are selling family shared accounts slots/spots
  2. You give them your account details (change your password temporarily for this purpose)
  3. They add your account to the family plan
  4. change back your password
  5. Enjoy Premium

Should cost around $2 -$10 for lifetime premium
NB :

  • Best to buy from someone with a high rating
  • Most sellers offer a guarantee just in case your premium ends
  • Legality of this process …unkown :grin:

I’m back beaches!

I got back the deal that got me to be on someone’s Spotify family account. I just need to send them cash to their phone when my payment is due. 350 a month, and I keep my playlists and a single stream at a time.

So i found this jail broken spotify which allows you to listen to any song without the damn annoying shuffle thing and ads. The only thing you cannot do is download music but other than that its awesome. You will need the vpn though and delete the current Spotify you have (if you have one). I’ll attach the link i downloaded from

I will also go on apple music and deezer next week and give my thoughts. I opened am account to make online payments with KCB and they have really F*#’*d me good. I’m still waiting to get the debit card. 3 weeks later